Monday, September 5, 2011

Father's Day

Yesterday, here in Australia, was Father's Day; seeing it was the first Sunday in Spring.  Today, though, I didn't get to see my Dad until last night at my brother's house for dinner; so I had the day to myself to do whatever I needed to do.
I did call my Dad early to wish him a Happy Father's Day - and accidentally got him out of bed!  Oops on my part. I was already up and about at 7:30am and going to the shops for the paper whereas he was still in bed sleeping in.  I maybe should have let him have a snooze in and left the call until after I returned back from the shop.  
Well, I purchased the paper and my drink that I was taking last night to Gabe's place and then cooked breakfast and settled in to read the paper.  The day turned out to be a strange cold, weird one.  One minute it was warm and sunny, the next cold and wet.  So, I kept Little Miss Stevie's covers and the curtains pulled for the day, until I thought to have a nice hot shower and begin to ready myself to go out at around 2pm.  
By 4:30pm, we were over at Gabe and Kat's place handing out pressies for Father's Day.  Dad's pressie was a pint glass which has on the front '#1 Fisherman'.  The funniest thing about this is that above it, it says: 'from birth' and Mum thought that was brilliantly thought out.  He can't wait to use it.  Gabe thought it was a great pressie.  And I gave him a card with a mouth organ on it and guitars.  I saw them while I was looking for a card for Dad and thought they were really cool!  He loved it and said I didn't have to get him anything; but he's a Dad too, I reckon he needed a card as well.  
Gabe and Kat weren't drinking any booze so I offered him a bottle of Root Beer and - after tasting an opened one - he said yeah he'd like one. He said it tasted a little like Sarsaparilla, but different and a little like Dr Pepper, but not as sweet.  Then, everyone wanted a taste; and they had their own idea of what it tasted like.  Mum thought it tasted like Irish Moss (a cough medicine she uses in Winter) and Dad said it was a little like what Gabe said it was - Sarsaparilla - and then they all asked where I bought it.  I told them the servo next door to me has a range of 'Jones'' drinks.  They have a Grape Ne-hi I've yet to try out; but the Root Beer is something I treat myself to once in a while.   
Gabe made up fresh Fish Tortillas with and we scoffed into them.  After two each, we were full!  He made the Tortillas with corn flour and plain flour; giving them a gorgeous taste and texture; and we had a great variety of food to use, along with some mango chili sauce.  
Mum had brought along some brownies she had baked that afternoon; and they were absolutely delectable.  Made with sour cream, Belgium Chocolate and eggs, they were the most moreish and rich brownies I've tasted in a long time!  We could only eat one each with our green tea.  
So, that was our Father's Day celebration.  The only person missing from our little get-together was Riley; however, she'll be traveling around Asia with Gabe and Kat next week to make up for it.  I left a book on her bed for her to have titled 'My Place' by Sally Morgan with a few foreign bookmarks slotted into the front of it I received a few years ago from Bookcrossing friends.  I hope she likes this book; as it's something I've read in high school and enjoyed it.
On the way home, we dropped in to Uncle Allan's house to give him something and then Mum and Dad dropped me home.  Mum saw my new lounge cover and loved it and picked up 'Red Dog' off me.  I readied myself for bed, but found I wasn't sleepy, so I turned on the television to watch the new show - 'Camelot' - but it had been axed after the first show and the movie 'The Hangover' was put on instead.  How stupid is that! I was so disappointed!  Well, until my next post, take care keep warm and safe and remember, I'm always here.

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