Friday, September 2, 2011

Crazy Friday

It's Friday night and there's nothing on the television worth watching.  I've had a busy as hell day with the sun on my face and skin and I've had the new Chili Pepper's song in my head all day - until around 2pm when it finally faded - then Triple M put it back on and I had it running around in my head again.
I do love this band very much and own around five cds of their and one vinyl.  Anthony Keidis' voice is gorgeous not matter what he sings.  And he's hot to boot!  And who doesn't love the vibe this band puts out?  
Anyway, I was very busy this morning with the two loads of laundry, putting away wiping up from last night and feeding Little Miss Stevie before going out to the bus stop to go to Garden City to find a gift for Dad for Sunday.  I walked around up there for a few hours and found what I needed to find for the day including my 'Good Reading' Magazine for this month and some eggplant (mainly because the ones I found where I normally shop weren't worth buying).  Then, I found out that 'The Pancake Manor' had opened a branch out near the movie cinemas; and had a short stack!  - Yummo!  - before taking off home.  
I was home before 1pm and the day was nice and sunny and beautiful still until sunset.  I had Dad's Father's Day pressie, the house was presentable, the laundry was dry and Little Miss Stevie was drying off from being sprayed (as she didn't wish to take a bath in her bathtub; and yet wanted to in her drinking water; strange little budgie).  
Tonight, though was supposed to be Pizza Takeaway night.  But seeing I had pancakes for lunch, I decided to eat in instead and save my $10 for next month; and so I made my famous Veggie Pasta Bake and ate that for dinner instead.  It was a good choice as it warmed up the house.  
Well, it's getting onto around 10pm and still I'm not too tired.  Might stick around online for a while longer before heading off to bed, read the rest of 'Red Dog' and then turn out the light.  Until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm and remember, I'm always here.

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