Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Fate and an Overcast Shopping Day

Today, I looked outside and found it was dreadfully overcast.  So, thinking it was going to rain, I dressed in jeans and warmer shirt and went out to do my fortnight grocery shop.  The bus was late; and I thought my whole day was going to be put off by that - and it was, but it was for a good reason.  It was fated for me to be late.
I dropping into Life Line - like I normally do - to look around.  I wasn't really looking for anything in particular; just seeing what was there.  I found three pairs of shorts.  One pair of short-shorts, a longer just-above-the-knew pair and a crew-pair; all of them were denim and only two of them were brand new.  So, I tried them all on; and out of the three, the two brand new ones fitted me!  So good!  I was so pleased!  The best part was that they cost under $20!  Very cool.
Woolworths was very expensive in one way, and yet cheap in others.  Their fruit and veggies were off the wall expensive and I found myself weighing my Eggplants before putting them into my basket, picking out only one bag of Mushrooms and picking up only a quarter of a Kent Pumpkin instead of half.  Yep, everything was almost too expensive for me to buy; so it was time for me to cut back on what I normally bought.  However, when I went into the first isle, I found the 'Whitackers' chocolate was $2.99 a block - not this chocolate is very delicious and is usually around $4.99 a block!  So, I bought five blocks; four for me and one for my Birthday Buddy on Bookcrossing.
K-Mart Plaza was the next place for me to go; and I walked there; as I normally do.  It's not far to go and I don't like catching a cab there as the flagfall is just dreadful (not unless I'm injured - like I did the last time I had to catch a cab there; how embarrassing... the driver almost said no).  Once there, I paid $10 off on a layby at Woodys' Music and then walked off to K-Mart where I looked a bit of make-up - but didn't buy anything - then made my way towards Coles.  However, on my way there, I ran across Mary Ross - and old friend of mine - who I hadn't seen in years!  She gave me big hug and asked if I had time for coffee - of course I did!  After she made her purchase at Millers, we walked to Venus' Cafe and had a coffee and caught up with everything and had a good chat and laugh about lots of things.  It was so good to catch up with her.  And seeing she had moved, she gave me her mobile number and I gave her mine to keep in touch.  She was so please I'm writing and on the internet too; and I did say I had left the Logan Writers' Guild but I did keep in touch with some of the members.  She offered me a lift home, however I said I had other shopping to do; so we went out separate ways to finish our shopping.
I wandered off to Coles and did my main lot of groceries.  It didn't take long and - strangely enough - I not only came in under budget, but I also found that I didn't have to get as much as I thought.  A lot of the items were pretty small, singular things or half the amount needed; so that was great!  I also bought homebrand items instead of named products to save a little more - it may have been only a few dollars in the end, but still I saved - and I did manage to get the organic shampoo and conditioner again too and still came in just over $100.  Not too shabby if you ask me.
The only thing that stuck in my neck was that the cab driver didn't help me with my bags when I got home.  She just sat in her car and waited for me to get them out myself - she had done this before and didn't bother helping me at all.  It's a service to help the customer with their groceries; as it saves them carrying them to their door, they don't have to do it, but it's nice if they do and they're remembered if they don't.  Well, until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm and remember, I'm always here.

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