Friday, September 30, 2011

September's Something Different!

This month began with a horrible reaction to something I tried out... yep, I wanted to different and tried out a new shampoo and conditioner.  Well, it wasn't new on the market; just new to my hair.  Garnier Fructis isn't made of just fruit juices!  Nope, it's got lots of horrible chemicals in it and I'm allergic to them all.  I broke out in a rash and had to be put on steroids to get rid of it; I also returned the unused shampoo and conditioner (this also happened with Herbal Essence brand too with similar results but not as bad).

We had the beginning of River Fire here in Brisbane - which went off with a great fireworks display on the Brisbane River.  I didn't get to go, but I did get some photos off the television (I know that sounds lame, but really the crowds would have been horrendous in the city and angles they caught on the tv were great).
I gave Farmville the boot and took back a lot of my life... spare time and reading and writing time - time to catch up on my art as well.  It's been a long time since I did anything with my music too; and so my house has come back to life in the afternoons and I've been planning to work on my back yard again soon.
I came up to my 9th year living in this unit complex!  Wow... that's a long time to be in one place.  I've seen some big things happen here and weird stuff too.  However, this will be coming to an end soon as I've got plans to move in the coming new year after I've found myself a job.

On the weekend of my cousin, Kate, and Mum's birthdays I went into the city to have a look around.  But initially, I was invited to The Gathering at the Old Brisbane Museum.  However, I couldn't afford the tickets and it was too darn hot to get myself across town and back.  So, I sussed out the Southbank Markets instead.  It was great... I've never been there without a date or family in a long time.  I found a new place - to me - called Max Brenner's Chocolate Shop and waited in line for 20 minutes to get myself something nice and cool to drink and a nice, rich chocolately snack.  Then, I sat back for about an hour and watched the afternoon drift by... it was warm and balmy and just what a Saturday afternoon should be - unrushed.  Then, I was off to dinner at the Fox Hotel; which turned out to be anything but fun.  The entrees were nice and hot; but the main meals were cooked but freezing cold... not great service.  And to make it worse, they screwed up the bill!
Emily Jade's Mic in The Cage's studio at Triple M

Then, my favourite morning show on Triple M called it a day... 'The Cage'  closed up shop only last week; and it was sad and horrible.  I called in the Wednesday they told us and let them know that - as a Music Jury Member - we were being asked weird and strange things that I didn't want to answer, but if I didn't the page wouldn't turn.  I told them I felt as though I was betraying them or somebody else if they got the boot. The told me not to feel dreadful; and that I was only doing what was asked of me, and it was good that I didn't wish for them to leave.  On their last show, they had so many people call up in tears it was just the saddest thing around; I didn't eat breakfast, I just listened to the show until the very end.
I had a great day on Wednesday shopping.  I came under budget, met up with an old friend and fortunately scored well at Life Line by purchasing two pairs of shorts - of two different styles - for under $20!  How's that for fate!  
However, on Thursday, I fate turned on me and laughed evilly.  I was a little late for my shift at the Gallery - but that's the busses for ya - and I showed a lady where to go to get to the Logan City Council to register her dog.  She was so grateful about it.  Then, I began my shift and it poured rain.  At the end of it, I turned around to look for my umbrella to find it had taken a walk!  Some low life had nicked it!  I was not a happy customer!  We searched everywhere and it was not to be found.  And even when I returned home from the chemist later that afternoon, and I called in, it still hadn't come back.  Damn!  And Mum wasn't happy about it either.

Today?  Well, I went to Garden City and got my 6-monthly haircut.  You see, I don't get split ends all that much - being a redhead - and so I get my hair looked at twice a year.  Also because I wear my hair long, I tend to just wash it and condition it and then let it dry by itself; no hair-dryer in sight in this house.  I also dropped by one of my friend's houses on the way to Garden City as she had returned from the UK. Ruth and her two boys - Michael and Thomas - have been in England for 8 weeks and returned only late yesterday afternoon.  I walked past this morning, heard the boys playing and turned around to come back when she came out... we chatted and talked just before I left when she found out that her car's battery was dead flat.  It was then she decided right then to catch the bus with me up to Mt Gravatt to grab some food for the next few days.  We had a wander around Westfield Garden City for a bit (as I had to go to the bank and I looked into Robin's Kitchen for some wooden spoons too) and then we went our own ways at around 11am.  It was another hour and a half before I was back home to hang out with them all; but jetlag was really catching up with me quickly.  By around 2pm, I decided to go home as Ruth looked like she really needed a rest; and boys were getting grumpy too.  And speaking of tired, I've been struggling with a headache all afternoon; and it's just vanished on me at around 11pm at night (woah, that's a long time to work with one of those things!).  So, I better be going to sleep.  Until my next post, take care, keep warm and safe and remember, I'm always here.

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