Saturday, October 1, 2011

Favourite Photos Time - September!

I know I've left this until the first day of October, but by the time I wanted to do this, it was so very late on the last day of September and I was exhausted.  So, I thought to get this done first up and get it in before uploading my October blog posts.
I was out one Sunday morning and saw this olds-mobile car filling up at the servo.

Chris' masterpiece... I attended a masterclass and found this piece brilliant.

A grasshopper I thought had character and a sense of humour!

What I saw at the Brisbane International Airport.

And this was below it...

These flowers were growing outside near the carpark.

Max Brenner's Chocolate Shop... worth the line up!

Brisbane City - near the Victoria Bridge - at 4:30pm 17/9/2011

A Red Bull car - one of two I saw - that I just couldn't pass up photographing.

The Brisbane Eye... at a different angle than everyone see it usually.

Native Iris - taken down near the pool in the shade. 

Queensland Police Rememberance Day - 29/9/2011

I hope you enjoyed the photos I uploaded this time around.  There's more than usual; as I couldn't fit them all into my blogs. 

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