Thursday, October 20, 2011

Busy Busy Day

I woke this morning and found that I had my one and only day to myself to do any housework that needed doing.  So, I was up at around 7:30am, had the bed stripped down to the mattress and the first load of washing on by 8am and the house opened up before 8:30am.  I also had some horrible sinus too and have been taking some out-of-date antihistamines; but they're working a little.  I woke up with the sinus yesterday morning; and didn't know why I had gotten it then noticed that one of my neighbours had flowering bamboo in their yard.  This happened last year as well; and I was living on antihistamines for the Summer.  I hate Summer because this stuff gets really up my nose; literally and makes me very sick.
Anyway, once all the laundry was out of the way, the washing up was half-done and the mail was checked, I made myself a drink and jumped online for my few hours of net surfing.  I do enjoy my mornings of looking around on the net; as I find it fascinating reading all about the world on a computer.
At around midday, I was offline and downstairs to the radio playing a big countdown for the Gold Coast 600 this weekend.  I went out the side door and into the yard and mowed the lawn, then pulled out a rake and cleaned up the overgrown parts of my yard; tidying it up completely, throwing out all the long grass and weeds that I pulled out by hand.  It was a great feeling to have more room in my place; not to mention something to look forward to planting out with more pots and plants in the future.
Not long after I put all my gardening gear away and locked up the side gate, I was sorting out a birthday gift for my Bookcrossing Birthday Buddy when Mum and Dad came around to look at my air-conditioner.  You see, I had found a wasp buzzing around inside it this morning, called them and let them know.  Normally, these little critters buzz around these machines and not worry me.  But when I heard the noise and I checked out the window, I nearly jumped out of my skin when I found the buzzing didn't come from the outside sill of the window, but the inside!  So, this is why my folks were here.  However, when we pulled the front off the air-con and sprayed some surface spray inside it, we found the little guy was gone.  It wasn't until Dad was putting the front back on that we saw him; and really he wasn't as big as I thought; being a tiny little black'n'white thing.  But Dad understood where I could easily get mixed up with a wasp sounding bigger than it really was when it's inside a place like an air-conditioner.
Well, after they went home (and Dad went off to the doctors for his leg; as it's not healing all that great from a fishing trip a few weeks back), I pulled in the laundry at around 3pm or so, picked up all the towels, folded some laundry and put it away and then pulled together a whole lot of jackets and put them in my bedroom to put away.  The kitchen towels were put away as I prepared the kitchen to have the rest of the washing up finished up.  When that was done, I wiped down the counter and made up some cheese and biscuits for myself and settled in to watch some old sitcoms from the 1980-90's and to copy down the funny Hercules Protection Clause before thinking about dinner. 
Now, it's just past 10pm.  My minds on going to bed; which I've still yet to make up.  And tomorrow, I have an appointment with CRS to find a job.  I hope I'm successful this time.  Also, before I go, I'll be buying myself some good antihistamines... ones that work to keep my nose dry day or night!  I need to keep this sinus from turning into a cold.  Until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm and remember, I'm always here.

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