Sunday, October 30, 2011

Busy Times Ahead

This week is going to be such a busy one I'm not going to have much time on here.  Seriously.  Today may be the only day I'll be here - or Thursday - and that'll be it until Saturday or Friday morning before I go running off to a job centre.
Today, I'm sitting here and my hands a still smelling of the pumpkin I carved an hour or so ago and I'm tired as hell.  It must be the overcast weather that's making me feel very tired; but I'm okay otherwise.  I've had this pumpkin sitting on top of the fridge since Wednesday waiting for me to carve it; and today, I got in and carved it.  I do love carving these pumpkins as they are so soft-skinned to carve; and they are so much fun to play with.  The smell of the gunk inside isn't all that exciting, but once you get through that and toss that out, you're okay.  
Last night, I prepared the lolly-bags; and only did up six, seeing I only get six kids that show up.  Fortunately, that's all the bags I had.  Just in case I more show, I'll have other lollies for other kids in a separate container and give them a handful of wrapped lollies and some noise-makers (it's better than nothing and me saying I don't have anything).  
This week is going to busy after All Hallow's Eve; a not because of the three day festival of the dead.  But, there's Melbourne Cup Day on Tuesday where Mum, Dad, Uncle Allan and I are off to the Entertainment Centre at Logan City for a luncheon and to see the race.  I usually make a bet or two at the TAB before going to these things; and win big!  
Then, on Wednesday, Mum and I are off to the Epilepsy Symposium in the city (one of two that are on next month) where we learn more about the brain.  This time, we'll be learning about the private life of the human brain... very interesting stuff.  Lunch is included and we'll be there for the whole day; home by dusk.  
Thursday is my day of rest; where - if it's not raining, I'll get in and do my laundry and do a few things around the house and not get too frustrated about things.  But I know I'll be getting another early night; especially seeing there's nothing on that night on the television.  Then, on Friday afternoon, I have a job hunting day at CRS at Springwood.  It ought to be good and interesting at the same time.  
By Saturday, I'm sure I won't want to know anything about what's going on outside as I'll be too stuffed to do anything but sleep.  And if it's pouring rain, that'll be even better!  So, that's the plan for the week:  get a lot of sleep, early nights and try to eat well enough to keep the cold I caught last week away from me for good.  Sounds good?  Thought so.  Until my next post, take care, keep warm and safe and remembered I'm always here.


  1. thanks. I'm hoping to get into something I enjoy. :)