Thursday, October 6, 2011

Class Reunion

Next week, I'm going to my 20 year class reunion.  I was invited this week by an old school friend who was helping with the organising of it.  At first I didn't know if I wanted to go, but then, he told me who was going and I looked at the people who said yes and the maybe list; and changed my mind.  Right now - to date - there's over a hundred people going and I'm excited about it all.  
Now, my brother doesn't like class reunions and refuses to go.  However, I didn't have that many friends in school, so it's always good to catch up with people from my Care Group from Rochdale State High.  Now, before you start laughing at 'Care Group'; it's the same as what you'd call a Home or Form Group where your roll call and newsletters were done for the morning.  And it was called a Care Group because we were supposed to care about each other; which by the end, we kinda did.  I mean, we were all misfits in the beginning and still misfits in the end.
I went to my 10 year reunion; and it was held at the high school.  I had a great car, a great job and had travel a few times in that decade.  I wasn't married or had kids; and didn't even have a boyfriend and felt I didn't need one.  My life was good.  I did have Epilepsy and it was stablised at the time and I was glad for that.
However, in the last decade, thing changed drastically.  I lost the job, am unable to drive the car, my Epilepsy caused my health to take a bad turn and I had to work on it more (which meant I had to ignore getting another job or study as my seizures were that dreadful that stress were the main trigger).  We concentrated on my health for a good amount of time; and it worked out.  I've been stablised since 2004 and this year has been a big year of me getting back in touch with just being me; and back the way I used to be.
For the first time in ages, I've begun to feel like I'm a part of the human race again without feeling tired, rundown or sick.  I'm starting to know my limits, know what I want to do and know where I want to be.  I have goals and want to fulfill them.  And I used to be terrified of being invited to one of these reunions because I didn't think I had anything to show for the last decade... but now I do.
The main fear I had was that people would think - because I never married or had children - I would be missing out on something they've got.  But then, I've lived a life so different I'm glad to look back over my last few years (especially this last year) and say that I've advanced markedly.
So, next Saturday night is the reunion; and I'm looking forward to it... to catching up with old friends, old enemies, old frenemies and all the rest.  Who knows, it might be not just me who turned over a new leaf or two; they all might have too.


  1. Have fun at your reunion! Never went to my 10th reunion and from what I heard I am glad I didn't go. Never heard if a 20th reunion had taken place or not because I moved after the 10th reunion happened.

  2. I'm looking forward to it; as I'm curious about a few of the people and what they're up to.

    I have taken into consideration that some of them won't have moved on since high school mentally; and if they treat me like a bitch or a loon, well, I know they haven't been up to much and haven't thought that I have and will avoid them like the plague.

    Don't need that kind of bad mojo around me right now. :)