Sunday, October 2, 2011

A Very Long Sunday

My day started out early - very early - with me getting out of bed at 6am, stripping the bed of its sheets and starting the laundry.  It was pretty chilly for an October day, but I tried to ignore the cold and the clanger of an ear ache I had before breakfast.  I uncovered the front of Little Miss Stevie's cage and changed her feed and then I made myself breakfast after going out to get the paper.

As I walked out, the neighbours - who had woken me a little before 6am - drove her car out onto the curb of the road and put a For Sale sign on her ute.  I walked down the footpath and to the servo to buy the paper when a Ford Custom drove in and parked to fill up.  I have seen this particular car around Logan for some years and have known the owner of it to own a few cafes and diners around the area.  He actually used to own the diner that was up at the Max Drive-ins over at Eight Mile Plains before the place closed, then he moved it to Wembley Road where it jumped every Friday and Saturday night.  But during the week, it was very quiet.  Then, I found the place down at Waterford and he then finally moved it over to Acacia Ridge where other car collectors - like himself - gather and they play 1960's music and have fun.  This car was used in the movie 'The Delinquents' starring Kylie Minogue; and the owner played the police Sergeant.

Today, though, hadn't really started until Mum and Dad picked me up and we were off to Gabe and Kat's place to drop off Jay and meet them all at the airport.  Yes, today, the three of them were returning from Thailand!  Everyone who saw them off was there; but we were there before them all, with everyone else showing up as time passed.  While we waited, Dad bought Mum and I a coffee at Brumby's; and it had to be the worse coffee I've ever tasted.  The stuff had the consistency of mud and tasted like cardboard.  Mum put it down to the milk used being powdered.  However, I said it was because it was just badly made coffee and we should have spent more money at The Coffee Club a little way further along near the arrival gates.  So, I apologised to Dad for wasting his money and said I wasn't drinking and walked off and really would you?  We waited for over an hour to see them walk through the gates and was it great to see them!
Gabe's Tattoo of Buddha's Footprint and Lotus Flower. I love it!

Riley's Henna Tattoo! Very cool!
Riley looked great with rings, toe rings and jewelery on as well as a Henna Tattoo on her right shoulder.  Gabe got himself another tattoo as well of Buddha's Footstep and a lotus flower on his right arm.  His arm was still swollen as it was only done yesterday.  Besides a cough they caught while traveling on the buses around Thailand (which came out of the air-conditioning), they're well.
By the time we said our farewells, we had all chatted and Gabe, Kat and Riley were ready to have a sleep. Peta was so happy to see Riley again and we are glad they didn't get caught up in the flooding that had struck Thailand as the Monsoon had begun just recently.  Until my next post, take care, keep warm and safe and remember, I'm always here.

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