Friday, October 28, 2011

Dad's Farewell from Work

Today, we got away early and drove to his Powerlink at Virginia to attend Dad's farewell morning tea.  On the way there, we picked up Aunty Helen and arrived there before everyone else did so that Dad could organise everything right.  He wanted to make sure that everything he had asked for was there and he had a few things - last minute details - that had to be taken care of before the morning tea began.
At around 9:55am, the room off the canteen was empty of people - except us - but by around 10:10am, the place was packed!  You could hardly move!  I had my camera, so did an employee (I missed her name) and Dad's boss was there out the front making a lovely speech about him with a Powerpoint presentation about Dad's career at Powerlink.   Mum was given a bouquet of flowers and Dad was given a few pressies and then we were told that the room had to be used for a meeting; so we had to pack up and leave by 11am!  Woah, talk about cutting it short!  And to make it more unusual, Mum and Dad were given all the food to take home... this included cheeses, biscuits, fruit and other goodies.  Well, we stuck around and had some coffee from a coffee trolley out in the carpark (which put out some pretty nice coffee) and then we all went to the Virginia Golf Club for some more food.  And I have to say, it was the most hideous food I had ever eaten.  Now, I ordered the Vegetarian Lasagne and what I was given looked very much like a veggie bake that I could make at home with Lasagne sheets put between and Colby Cheese on top.  How gross can you get!  It was tasteless and disgusting and I don't know how they could sell it to the public.  And damn me that the stuff repeated on me all bloody afternoon!  I didn't eat anything to do with cheese tonight... just a light egg salad sandwich - home made of course.
So, there you have it... Dad's last day at work.  It was an usual day - weather wise - but a great one with his friends and family all there to see him be farewelled from a place of work that he's known for the last 42 years.


  1. Happy Retirement to your Dad! I hope he will enjoy these retirement years. Any plans of him to travel?

  2. Dad's been looking forward to travel around the world again... with Mum of course. He really wants to go on some big fishing trips; but Mum doesn't wish to tag along. So, I think he might be going with some of his old work mates. :)