Monday, October 31, 2011

October's Something Different!

Well!  This month was certainly full of wonderful and interesting surprises.  The first was the engagement of my brother to his girlfriend of around four years, Katrina.  He popped the Big Question over in Cambodia while the floods were on and Riley was with them!  But Kat phoned me on my 38th birthday and told me!  I was totally stoked about it; a little more excited about their news than what I received for my birthday... which was an Elna 1000 sewing machine.  Now, years ago - when I was in high school - I learned to sew on one of the older models and learned to follow a pattern.  However that was yonks ago and I never thought I'd get in front of one again... so Mum and Dad thought it was a good present to get me on my birthday just before I turned 40.  I kinda turned my nose up at the machine on the day (and was more than a little upset at it that night) but then I thought about what I could do with it... and it turned to be an arty-farty thing; then it all came back to me, the learnings and teachings from Seven Hills College.

I went to my 20 Year Class Reunion on 15th, and found that I didn't know a single person for about an hour or so... but they all knew me!  I really didn't need a name tag as lots of people came up to me smiling asking how the hell I was and that I looked great!  I really didn't recognise any of them as they had changed so much.  I found out that one of guys from my Care Group had died around a year and half ago when he went deep sea fishing by himself; and only the boat came back without him.  It made the news and seeing his last name was such a common name, I didn't think it was him; but it was.  I arrived home around 11:30pm... such a great night; and it took me a few days to recover.
In recent weeks, I began adding some of my tried and true vegetarian recipes onto my blog for you all to try out.  I thought it would be a good thing for you all have go at.  Thus far, I've put up two; with more to come.

In the last few weeks, we've had birthdays upon birthdays.  First was mine - I turned 38 - then two weeks later, Gabe turned 40 (along with his best mate, Mitchell born on the same day).  And only days after Gabe's birthday, Riley - my niece - turned 12!  We had a great day with her class coming to Gabe's and Kat's house for the day to celebrate.  What a great afternoon that was.  And despite the overcast day, the kids had an absolute ball enjoying themselves with everything going well.  Us adults also enjoyed ourselves too.
Not long after Riley's birthday, I got sick.  I had sinus on that day; but then it turned really nasty and I suddenly acquired a cough and ended up at the doctors before the following Wednesday.
While I was recovering from my sinus infection, some loppers came by, knocked on my door and asked if they could remove my back fence to pull the trees through while they lopped the back neighbour's trees.  I said yeah... then realised what they were doing and tried to talk my neighbour out of getting rid of the trees completely - so did the loppers.  But we didn't get far and the trees were cut down and the stumps were ground out too.  What a waste... well, they'll figure out how hot their place will get this Summer.
Then, last Friday, Dad had his farewell from Powerlink.  He had a massive morning tea with the people he worked with and family and lots of his friends showed up.  He had worked there for 42 years and he was amazed at how much things had changed over that time.  I took a lot of photos and will post them up on Facebook soon.
This brings me to tonight.  It was Halloween tonight; and talk about quiet!  I had carved a perfectly good pumpkin, did up the house, put a scary skull on the front door and dressed up just for this occasion and nobody showed up - and I had some kick-arse lolly bags ready for kids; and some other stuff in case I had more kids than the bags I had readied.  However, none arrived and I closed up the front door before 'Supernatural' started... oh well, there's always next year I guess.  
I'm hoping it'll be totally different by that time; different kids, different area that I'm hoping to be living in and I hope to have a job by that time as well.  Anyway, I hope you had an eventful month - one worth remembering.  Until my next post 

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  1. Halloween isn't really a tradition for many Australians anymore. Besides alot of parents would be concern about their child/ren personal safety. No way in this world I would allow my children door knocking by themselves on any night.