Friday, October 14, 2011

Preprations for the Weekend.

Today, I was hoping to take it easy and not be too fussed about what I had to do.  So, I slept in until 8:15am this morning and took the morning so slow that I didn't check the mail until almost 10am.  Then, I did half the washing up and came up here on the computer for a few hours and put some cream on my chin to get rid of any annoying hair that may be there tomorrow night (it's annoying hair that I've had since my mid-20's; and every Parker woman grows the damn stuff.  We all have our ways of getting rid of it.  Mine's creaming it while my other cousins wax it off).  
Before long, I had to leave the house to go to the Chiropractor's and so I caught the bus and headed over there in the overcast afternoon.  It was a nice day, but I really wondered if I should have taken one of my faulty and leaky umbrellas with me to lose while I was out.  Well, it wasn't needed after all, as the clouds cleared up and the sun came out once I was at Springwood.  

Anyway, once I was over there, I headed straight to Mum and Dad's place where I took photos of their front verandah.  You see, tomorrow, my cousin, Clayton, is coming over to build it in for them to help cut down on the traffic noise.  Mum and Dad have had an open front verandah for as far back as I can remember.  The earliest memory of it is when Dad put the railings on and there were only the posts there and they were painted all white; and Gabe and I used to play cars on the the un-railed verandah as kids.  These days, it would be dangerous to let children do that.  It looks so naked without those white railings there, doesn't it?  Over the years, though, it has had it fair share of them being replace and repainted  - as well as the stairs being redone too.  So, having this area of the house fixed up and built in is going to make it look better and give Mum and Dad an extra room to use; as well as more storage space, and another place to decorate.  It'll also bring the house up in value I think.  So, the next time I see their house, it'll be built in completely and Dad'll be painting it; as Clayton will be doing it over two weekends.

While Mum and I were photographing the pulling apart of the verandah, we spotted a Stretch Limo across the road.  Well!  We couldn't resist that, and were out on the footpath like a shot with out cameras.  I crossed busy Cinderella Drive and took more close-up shots and talked to the driver while I had the chance.  He was pretty young and not older than around 20 - 25 years of age.  I told him about how Dad used to drive Limos and he drove a 1984 model Limo; and he was amazed there was still one around, saying that they were a lot smaller then, but more classic and lovely on the inside.  I agreed; then I told him about the time Dad took me to high school - early one Monday morning - on his way to returning the Limo to the depot at around 7:30am and the reaction of the cleaners.  Then, I told them what Dad did on the weekends; and he laughed saying it must have been fun to have a Dad who did that kind of work.  I said it was, but there were weekends where we sometimes didn't see him at all because of weddings and formals, but it was good that he got all dressed up for it all.  And now, the man who owns the limos, still owns them and older cars too; and we've seen them recently and they're all still going over at Virginia.
Well, that was my day.  It didn't rain, and it stayed rather humid.  I got home just on sunset after Mum took me to buy a Bunnings umbrella - in the hope to also buy a Bunnings Poncho (however they are no longer made for some unknown reason).  Anyway, I better be going.  I would like to get a good night's sleep.  Until my next post, take care, keep warm and safe and remember, I'm always here.


  1. Did you prepare yourself to make any possible changes to your weekend as two or more storm cells hit SE QLD on Saturday?

  2. Yes and no. I made sure everything was unplugged and that the relevant windows were shut. Otherwise, I had a 20 year class reunion to head off to... nothing could stop that. :)