Friday, October 14, 2011

Busy, Stormy, Weird, Old Thursday

Yesterday didn't seem to end.  I went out at midday and the afternoon seemed to just keep on going and going and... well, going.  Mum and I went to Centrelink to have me job assessed and it wasn't as stressful as I thought it was going to be.  The man asked me what I was doing now, where I had been working as in the past and what field I'd like to work in the future.  Mum filled in the gaps (as she normally does because I don't have the best memory with my medical past) and then we were out of there within about half an hour.  
Then, it looked like rain, so we dropped by my place to close the front window just in case it came in on Little Miss Stevie; then we decided to go out to lunch.  But the decision of where to go was a real stumper.  We didn't have a clue until I remembered that Limelight was a great place to eat; and I had gone there to look for my wandering umbrella a few weeks back.  

Once there, we ordered our meals and I had brought along the Care Package that I had planned on Bookcrossing with my friends on there for Mum to open.  We ate, drank some water and ordered ourselves a coffee.  Then, once our coffees had arrived (and we had fun spilling some on the saucers and table and laughing at ourselves), she got in and opened the parcels while I photographed her.  It was a great afternoon of cheering her up with gifts and parcels, postcards and chocolates from overseas.  She was so happy that I had organised this little care package for her. 
We walked over to the Entertainment Centre and ordered our tickets for the Melbourne Cup Day Luncheon.  But once we got outside, we found it was beginning to rain; and we were going to have a look at the gallery.  So, instead of walking up there, we drove.  By the time we got there and found place to park, it was absolutely bucketing down!  So we waited until it settled bit, grabbed ourselves some umbrellas and rushed inside.  Well!  That's when the thunder rolled and clapped overhead and the wind pushed the rain sideways and Mother Nature really took a tantrum on us.  Water got in around some of the windows (as it always does when we get a really bad storm at the Gallery); and we had to turn off the automatic doors at the front so they didn't short out.
Before it became really horrible outside, Liz Horrigan walked in looking for Lesley.  I hadn't seen her in years and hardly recognised her; so I asked if she taught art and she said yes at Park Ridge High School.  I smiled and said she taught me at Rochedale; and she said she remembered teaching there a long time ago.  Liz was a tough teacher at the time; and also very good.  She remembered the teachers at Rochedale were Mr Brown, Miss Scully and Miss Eastwood.  I said that Mr Brown was very cool and Miss Eastwood and herself were my teachers.  Mum said that Gabe's still artistic and she didn't remember him until we showed an old photo of him and she did then; then she asked if I remember Arthur Henry.  I did and she said that he now works high up in the administrative schools arts area and she saw him last week; and she now works for him.  She couldn't believe it that he works in that area now.  I told her that I worked with a number of people I used to go to school with.  After a bit, Lesley came out and greeted Liz and she had to go.  Then, so did we, but the weather didn't look like it was going to let up; but it did just enough for Mum and I to run out to the car with our shoes in our hands and umbrellas over our heads.
She dropped me off home and drove home; but was back before I knew it (after a phone call asking if it was okay to come back; of course I said okay) to see how my place suffers through the rain.  Mum was amazed at how much work is involved in getting the water to leave my place alone.  I had opened my gate, the drain had to be cleared and I had doorknocked to see who's car was parked on that drain (unsuccessfully) and then it was a matter of sweeping the invading water out.  Both of us got wet and cold and she reported back to Dad how bad it was and that she had also gotten wet and had to dry off with towels and be loaned some clothes by me until she warmed up again.  She agreed that the drain by my house needs to be replaced with the older-style street grate and it'd work better.
After Mum left, it was getting onto 4:30pm and so, I closed up the house, plugged everything back in and re-loaded the HD box again.  It had been a busy, long and weird old day.  Before Mum left, I had gotten Little Miss Stevie out of her cage and gave her a nice little cuddle to let her know she hadn't been forgotten in amongst all the rain, thunder and phone calls to and from Dad.  She's such a sweet little bird.
Today, even though the sun's out now, we're in for another storm.  I just hope it doesn't happen again tomorrow during my 20 year class reunion.  If so, I'll have to have Mum come over and help with the place while I'm out; and I'd hate her to have to work this place on her own.
Well, I have a few things to do around the place.  Until my next post, keep safe and warm and remember, I'm always here.

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