Monday, October 24, 2011

Feeling Off Colour

After having all year of a good clean bill of health and not catching a single cold or flu, it finally caught up with me.  I caught something in Spring!  Last week, I was feeling run down at around Monday; sneezing all day.  Then, by Wednesday, I was tired and feeling lethargic and sick in the guts.  But it was my older brother's 40th Birthday; and I didn't want to miss it!  So, I went to his birthday dinner and had the cheesecake afterwards - which was something I really should have given a miss; but I didn't want to be rude.
Then, on the weekend it was Riley's 12th Birthday; and I just couldn't miss that!  My sinus' were reeking havoc all day!  But then, so was everyone else's... so I wasn't alone.  By that night, I was beginning to lose my voice as Dad drove me home.  He noticed I was beginning to sound nasally and my voice was losing its usual tone too.  
During Saturday night was when it all took place!  I had a fever... it wasn't anything bad, I kept on waking up hot - yet freezing cold - and yet physically I was roasting but not sweating.  So, at around 1am, I went to the kitchen where I had left out a packet of Panadol for myself (just in case this very thing happened that night so I didn't have to go digging around for it in my fevered condition later), took 2 and went back to bed - after I reset the HD box (as it had screwed up at midnight).  By around 3am, the fever broke and I slept soundly until the alarm went off and I woke sweating like you wouldn't believe and absolutely starving.  After I turned off the alarm at the right times and took my meds, I thought a nice little snooze until around 8am would do me wonders; so I did (seeing the complex was very quiet on that morning).  I woke at 9am from a nice pleasant snooze!  I felt as though I had missed out on the morning!  But I felt better for it as I readied myself for the morning.
But yesterday, I spent most of my day stuffing around online, reading the paper and painting.  It wasn't much of a day really.  I just wanted to chill out and let myself rest after almost a month of running around socialising almost every single weekend.
Today, I made an appointment early at the doctors and went to get myself there on time.  Alison was really good.  She prescribed Klasid; something I've had before (but not too often as I don't get this sick very often) and I took some when I arrived at Mum and Dad's place and ate something when was dropped off home soon after.  Tonight, I had another one with dinner.  They make my meds a little stronger, but they'll kill off the bugs while they do.  I'll just make sure to care for myself while I'm taking them.  Seeing I don't sleep well, I'll have to make do with how I do sleep, and eat as well as I can (and seeing I'm scoffing down a lot of food - especially seeing I do that a lot when I'm sick - I'm sure I won't starve!).  So, wish me luck in getting rid of this bug before Christmas; as last year, it took me around 4 months to rid myself of the cough alone!  Until my next post, take care, keep warm and safe and remember, I'm always here. 


  1. I'm on antibiotics now and feeling a lot better now... thanks for checking in, mate. :D

    Just gotta get rid of the darn cough now. :P