Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Big Changes to the Landscape

Since the last time I wrote, there's been big changes around here.  The drain next to my place has been fixed up - and with a storm brewing today, it's yet to be tested out - I bought Little Miss Stevie some new Wild Millet (which she loves and the back neighbour (Luke) and his landlord got the two remaining trees chopped down in his yard.  Now, the place looks exactly like it did when I moved in nine years ago!  
Yesterday, when the loppers arrived, they didn't know if I was home, so knocked on the door and asked if they could take the branches through my yard as Luke doesn't have access to his yard (which is pretty crappy in that complex).  I said yes, but I also pointed out to him that once the trees are gone that there'd be absolutely no privacy between us; and his house would become an absolute hotbox in Summer too.  But he didn't seem too phased by this and still wanted the trees out due to them dropping 'too many leaves' and he got sick of cleaning them up.  The loppers and I didn't think that wasn't a good idea especially seeing how nice the tree was, seeing it was in no danger of falling down and also he was doing it just because he didn't like cleaning up after the tree.  One of the guys said that a lot of people do this and then regret it later on; all I could do was shake my head and sigh as I've seen this kind of thing before but it's a matter of them realising what they've done wrong through trial and error when they find they want shade, but don't have any.
When the tree guys pulled the fence off, they were amazed at how badly rotten the fence was as they picked it up.
The guy who chopped down the main tree was agile and careful about how he climbed around the branches.  And the rest of the team did their jobs as he cut down the tree and they took the branches out to keep the ground clear for him.  Then, came the stump-grinder.  This piece of machinery isn't the most attractive thing in the world, but it's impressive... and does a great job.  However, I do wish Luke hadn't gotten the trees taken out... it's going to be a long hot Summer and his house is going to be a hotbox because he won't have the shade from the trees that were there.
Once the job was finished, the guys did cleaned up my carport, collected together anything leftover from it and put the fence back - and my side gate - and tidied up nicely.  They were amazed still how they managed to get the fence to stay together.  During the job, some of them said that the fence was the worse they've come across and it's a wonder it hasn't fallen down.  I said that it's a Body Corporate thing for them to work on and has nothing to do with me or anyone who owns the units; and some of the guys winced knowing that it's something dreadful I've had to live with for a long time.
I supplied the workers with bottles of water as they were drinking from my garden tap (and I haven't used that in over a year; who knows what's inside that tap?  I don't and I didn't wish for them to get sick).  So, I tipped out the water from the bottles and refilled them with fresh water from the kitchen tap for them to drink and they were grateful. 
Before long, they were finished and the fence was back up and I had scored myself a couple of Agapanthus; one's about to flower and there are a few that are juvenile.  So, once everything was back in place, I potted the big one and looked around for homes for the smaller ones; unsuccessfully.
Today, I went out shopping, picked up some new millet for Little Miss Stevie and found a lovely green halter-neck dress for myself.  Then, I found that Woolworths (and Coles) are playing the money game on the Halloween pumpkins by not putting a flat price on them; instead they're charging us $3.98 per kilo!  What a bloody rip-off!  So, depending on the size you get - and weight - you must pay by the stupid kilo?  What money-grabbing politicians they've turned into!  I bought an average-sized one thanks to the help of somebody who knew maths in the fruit'n'veggie section (that's another thing they don't think about - people who don't have a clue about maths!  Good on them for ripping us off too!).
Well, after, I paid for my veggies and other stuff around the ridges, I walked to Logan Central Plaza with my weighed down trolley and took it slow... I had to as it was so heavy.  That darn pumpkin had to make it in one piece; and I wasn't going to leave it behind all because it was too heavy - or break it either.
I did get all my other shopping done; however I had to have my blue trolley in my shopping trolley because I just couldn't drag it around Coles with me for that half hour.  I did try to ask the lady at the door to see if she could mind my blue trolley but she said she was on a break within 10 minutes; but when I returned about half an hour later, she hadn't moved.  Hate it when people say one thing and do another.  Well, I ended up being able to buy all that I needed in this fortnight's shopping; and I'm thankful.  Little Miss Stevie also got a taste of a new treat too:  Wild Millet... two different types.  And she loves them!  I'm so glad it doesn't take much to please my little bird!  Until my next post, take care, keep warm and safe and remember, I'm always here.


  1. Did you get any rain from Wednesday night's storm?

  2. Yes. We got plenty of rain. And seeing Dad fixed that drain lid, I received no flooding at all! Yay! :D