Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Late Night Postings

It seems that I have been posting late a night before I go to bed.  It's about the only time I have to myself right now; and it's also always so quiet at this time of the night.  Some of my neighbours are still up watching late, late shows while others are going out to their shift work until the wee hours of the morning.  Me?  I'm preparing to go to bed.  All the lights are out, the doors are locked, Little Miss Stevie is fluffed up on her swing with her sweet little head in her feathers and I'm on here picking the sleep out of my eyes to write this.
Today, I got out there and did my fortnightly shop.  It started out as a coolish Spring day; typical of October; but it turned into a really hot one.  Fortunately, I stuck with the shorts I had dressed in first off - otherwise I would have regretted it.  I bought and exchanged a handbag at Life Line for $10, bought some material for a project to do with the sewing machine from 'Go Fabrics' and then it was on to Woolworths where I found the mushrooms had come down $3.00 in price... thank God!  I was beginning to think that the place was thinking we all had a money tree growing in our backyards!  I bought a cold bottle of water at the checkouts, packed my trolley, patted one of the local dogs I normally see around the place and helped out a couple of brothers with some money (only 20c that's all) and then was on my way to K-Mart Plaza).  
The one on the left I exchanged - the one on the right is the new bag.
After paying $10 off my layby at Woodys', I walked through to Coles and helped an old lady put her little brown trolley into her shopping trolley - as she couldn't get it over the edge - and then picked up my shopping trolley.  I ended up leaving my blue trolley with the greeter for my shop because it was far too heavy to drag around; and collecting it just before I was finished.  And this year, I decided to give the Jack-O-lantern Pumpkins a miss as, not only are they bigger, but they're $30.00 each!  I just can't afford that; not even one!
I got the same flipping cab driver I did last fortnight who helped pack the boot of the car at the shops, but sat around in the car at my house and did nothing until I asked for her help.  She just sighed as though it was a big deal and pulled out two bags while I grabbed the rest - and the trolley too - and she didn't park as close to my place as she did before; making it harder for me to get my bags to the carport door.  How annoying is that!  
Well, this afternoon, after put away all the groceries, after I was online checking my mail and after I washed up a bit, I pulled out some of the fabric and measured up the turntable for a new cover.  Seeing I had already done a prototype of one in calicoe, I just had to unpin it and put it out on the fabric I chose, cut it out and lay it over the turntable and pin it back up again, pin the hem and then it's ready to be sewn.  And it's a nice purple colour with a music design of vinyls, rock'n'roll symbols on it from the past and cool treble clefs all over it.  I also picked up some fabric for some book-baggies to make something for froggirlwendy and some for Christmas too.  I can't wait to get into them.
Well, I better go as it's really getting on and the complex has gotten really quiet.  I think I'm the only one awake... a sure sign for me to head off to bed!  Until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm and remember, I'm always here.

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