Wednesday, September 21, 2011

'The Cage' Says Goodbye

This morning, I turned on the radio at around 8am and found out that my favourite morning radio show - 'The Cage' - was wrapping it all up this Friday morning.  I was stunned and saddened that the show was finishing up after six long years of fun, entertainment, music and support of the community.  And why was this happening?  Well, the management of Triple M Studios thought that the show had run its course and it was time to start a new one up.  Time to begin fresh.  
This morning, when Ian Skippen told us the news, their switchboard lit up like a Christmas Tree; and they were inundated with callers telling them how much they loved their show.  Some people had to pull over their cars because the news had been such a shock they burst into tears (one lady said) and another guy said he nearly crashed his truck and had to do the same and pull up.  Another person called in and said they loved listening to them when they were coming home from their night shift work early in the morning.  A lot of listeners are absolutely devastated by this news; and I hate it that my favourite show on the radio will no longer be here on Monday morning.
However, I find that the management didn't come about it on its own.  They asked the Music Jury Members to help.  A few weeks ago, they were asking us some questions about radio shows and if we were to design our own, what would go into it?  I didn't want to answer the questions and if I didn't answer them, the page wouldn't turn.  I tried to keep my answers as neutral as possible - and fair - and wondered why they were asking me similar questions each week.  And when I heard the news, I was stunned, but I felt like it was kind of my fault that I had answered those questions.  So, I called into 'The Cage' and let them know; and they weren't impressed either.  Ian Skippen said it was called "research" and I know they were all very hurt by what has happened.  I just wish they were not being split up this way.
'The Cage' morning show on Triple M has worked in so many different ways.  They've helped so many people when they've been down on their luck, they've supported community groups when they never asked for any, they have been there for everyone who has asked for them to assist them in anything; thus creating The Caped Crusader; which became a very popular segment when they said doing it.  All the people of Brisbane needed was an address of where they were going to be and a time; and not only did 'The Cage' show up, but so did half of Brisbane City.  It was amazing what these four people could do over the radio.  They had the Midas Touch in more ways than one; we will all miss that.
I have enjoyed six long years of their humour, music and love.  They've been making me think, listen and admire everything about them for this long; and I was hoping they'd be here for years to come, but it wasn't meant to be.  I guess it's true what they say about this age of being in a throw away society; we have become such a disposable generation, we don't know what we're throwing away until it's gone.  And seeing Triple M management is going to throw away such a great commodity, they won't know they've thrown it away until it's gone off the airwaves.  'The Cage' worked - and it worked well - and nobody in Brisbane City will ever forget that. 


  1.'s sad when your favourite radio show departs but life goes on. These shows generally finish off because either they don't have the high ratings anymore or the radio celebrities need a change of scenery in their work environment.

  2. It wasn't that... they didn't even know they were finishing up until this week.

    It was not very professionally done; and a lot of people phoned in saying they will no longer listen to Triple M; however, Ian Skippen - and the other guys - discouraged them from doing that, simply because they don't know what's going to happen yet.
    Me? I'm as disappointed as the other listeners; as they really do have the best mix and was hoping they'd be around longer than only six years.