Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Volunteer Work

I was out early today. However, I had to get a few things done before I left the house; and one of them was the washing up. After that was completed, I packed up my gear, went to the post office, picked up some things at the service station and headed off to the bus stop. I thought I was going to be late; however it was the bus that ran late by ten minutes.
Work at the Gallery is always good. I was paired with a different person than I normally have and we sat and chatted for most of the morning; while people came and went. We had two kids come in who looked like they were supposed in school; yet they weren't. They walked around the place without shoes on after we asked them to leave their scooters at the door; and then we asked if they came with any adults. However when we found they didn't we kept and eye on them both.
Then, a group of teenagers came in with an older woman. They looked at everything; then pulled out their phones and proceeded to take photos of everything displayed. I had to go around and ask them to delete their photos due to copywright laws and to protect the artists. They said the photos were only going up on their class' website; I ran it past Chelsi and she they were still no allowed. I had to go back out there and tell them that they still had to delete the photos; and they did. They were a good group of kids (if not a little troubled) and left with the older woman.
When the time came for us to leave, I called Mum and Dad and asked if they could pick me up. We had another customer arrive as Dad pulled up and I rushed around and grabbed my gear; only to have Dad park in the Logan City Council car park for a while. I decided to stay in the car and wait for him. While there, a coffee/cafe truck came in and parked right next to the car and the driver got out - leaving the cappuccino machine motor running - and walked into the council building. Man! Did that thing stink! I had to wind up my window! Did she have to park that shitty truck there? NO! she could have parked it somewhere else - somewhere next to an empty car where that stench didn't suffocate the person in the neighbouring car. Gross! When Dad came out to the car, he wondered why the ignition was on and I told him; and he agreed it was inconsiderate to have parked next to us and make me wind up my window. Just goes to show exactly what kind of person she really is, eh?
Well, that's my post for today - about today. I've got shopping to do tomorrow. It's not exciting, but it's gotta be done. Until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm and remember, I'm always here.


  1. Can you kindly let me know when the art gallery will display student's artwork?

  2. Artwaves will be shown in September. I'll let you know about the dates soon. :)