Sunday, July 31, 2011

Favourite Photos Time - July!

Welcome to my monthly set of favourite photos which didn't make it onto 365 Project or anywhere onto my Facebook page. I hope you enjoy them as much I loved taking them. There's a lot this month as I went out a lot... phew!... what a month this has been!

Me at Triple M Studios with Jo (the afternoon show host) recording my promo for Triple M a couple of weeks ago. It was so much fun! Mum has a blast too!

The Brisbane Eye by night! What a sight it is. I took this one from a bus window while we drove across Victoria Bridge at around 9pm on the same night we were at the Triple M studios.

My finished piece of new art called 'Curved'. It took a month to do and I'm so proud to say I did it and am please with the results. All my friends love it too.

A local Kookaburra who keeps hanging around for my lawn grubs. He's getting really fat from them! He's become so accustomed to us that he just lets me photograph him all the time... isn't he cute?

A couple of horny pigeons. They were dancing around each other a few weeks back, made a funny look at one of the units before they both flew off in a hurry! :)

Geoff and Viv sharing a laugh with his Dad at the coast on the phone. I caught his two faces blurred purely by accident; but I couldn't get rid of this photo as it's just fantastic.

The La La car of Woodridge. I see this car parked at Triple C Shopping Centre once in a while... la la... :)
This structure is on Roma Street. I don't know what it is; but it was very cool to photograph at night!

I hope you love these photos. I had fun taking them. See you next month for another lot of great photos for August! :D


  1. Great and interesting photos! Keep up the photography skills. Have you thought about being a photographer as an occupation?

  2. Nah... I'm not that good. :) I've just sharpened my skills over the last year. My camera is a little Canon and it still needs help online to get the good affects. :)