Saturday, August 6, 2011

Video Hits Say Goodbye

After 24 years of entertaining over two generations of teenagers and young adults, 'Video Hits' on Channel 10 are closing down this Saturday at 1pm for good.  It's a sad day in the music industry.  
I grew up with this music show - as well as 'Rage' - every Saturday morning from the time I went to primary school, through high school, right up until now in my late-30's.  And now, its film clips of music videos, interviews and other great music-orientated entertainment is going to be disappearing off our televisions screens.
Originally, this show showed in the late-80's playing the top 40 hits, then it shrunk to the top 20; showing us Australians what was the best songs to listen to and who was in and who wasn't in the music industry; as well as who was up and coming from overseas before they hit our shores.   Then, in the late 1990's, there was an 'Interactive Top 10' where the audience supposedly chose the top ten songs of the show (this was later stopped as after claims of vote rigging); then in 2000s, the show switched to the ARIA Report.
From 1986 to 2004, the show featured a non-stop video clip-based format. In 2004, the show introduced a new look and format that included feature interviews each week and clips from different music genres.
In 2006, the show was broadcast live without an audience. The chosen artist picked songs they wanted played along with their own past and present videos in a format similar to ABC's rival music TV show rage. As of April 2007, the show still continues with this format.
Video Hits turned 20 years old in 2006 and celebrated with a special event featuring a countdown of the Top 100 Video Clips of the past twenty years, compiled from online and SMS votes. This countdown was shown again in 2007, with slight differences in the list; however, "Thriller", by Michael Jackson, was voted #1 both times. Instead, in 2008, a special entitled A-Z of Pop was shown.
A new show called Video Hits First premiered in September 2006. The premise for Video Hits First is that it is rated G and suitable for all audiences, after claims throughout the media that certain music videos were sexually explicit. The format also shows the top 10 video clips from the ARIA Charts and it also features competitions and interviews with artists.
Video Hits abandoned its top 10 on Saturdays in 2008 (which was moved to Video Hits First from Video Hits in 2007) and its top 20 on Sundays much earlier in the 2000s.
In mid-late 2009, regional affiliate Southern Cross Ten dropped the show, in order to air their own chart show, known as Hit List TV, based upon the nightly radio show of the same name that goes to air across Macquarie Southern Cross hit stream stations. The show is hosted by Tim Dormer and Renee Peterson (hosts of radio program The Hit List), and shot on location at Gold Coast attractions including Movie World and Sea World. This also helps the network fulfil, albeit cheaply, their local content requirements imposed by the Australian Communications and Media Authority. Tim replaced Matty Acton who relocated to Sydney for a position at 2Day FM.
Personally, I'm going to miss this show being on the Television Times each Saturday.  I remember watching it when I was sick, dancing in the living room when I was a kid to all of the new music - and the old - and enjoying the fun time with my family when we'd see the yet-to-be released songs and artists.  It's a pity that Channel 10 didn't wait another year; to make it 25 years... it would have made it easier for us all to remember a quarter of a century, than one year off.  But I guess that's how it all goes.  
Seeing I didn't really know the entire history of 'Video Hits', I had to go hunting for it through Wikipeadia... unfortunately, it was the only place that had it all there (a little back to front but it was there).  So, I hope to you're all watching it - or taping it like I am - and enjoy the last ever show of Video Hits.  I grew up with it with fond memories connected to it.  What were yours? Until my next post, take care, keep warm and safe and remember, I'm always here.

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  1. WOW! That was a surprise to read another show closed its doors for good.

    Congratulations to Channel 10 for airing video hits for 24 years. During my teen and early adult years I can remember watching the show after Rage finished.

    The 80s were the best decade for music!!