Thursday, January 26, 2012

Australia Day Washed Out

Australia Day is a day of independence for Australia.  This country was invaded over 200 years ago by the English and turned into a penal colony to put prisoners that couldn't be fitted into the prisons in the UK.  What a horrible thing to do to two groups of people: the Aboriginals and the convicts who were brought here to die.
Since then, Australia has become a country of independence, of Vegemite, of great intelligent people, national pride and great sporting abilities from all sides.  We have famous cricketers, famous race horses, car races, beautiful beaches, The Great Barrier Reef, a massive desert in the middle with Uluru as a main attraction (which turns the most gorgeous colours from dawn to dusk).  Yes, Australia has a lot going for it; and this includes its racism as well; which I hate to mention, and it's not all one-sided.  There's been an ongoing fight about exactly who's country this is.  If you ask me, it belongs to the Aboriginals; as they were here first by about 10,000 years.  And as much as none of us don't like it, change had to happen... but did it have to happen the way it did?  So horribly?  And did it have to take so long for the apology to come?
To me, Australia Day is a day of pride and togetherness.  However, it's better known to me as Invasion Day; as it will remind me of what the Aboriginals went through from the English and what was taken off them for the convicts to survive here.  I am from convict heritage; as well migrant heritage and I'm damned proud of it as if the decedents of the convicts are still around, it means they are the true Aussie Battlers from that time.
My Grandpa also came out from Liverpool to start a new life.  He had a choice between migrating to Canada or to here; and took one look at the brochures and picked here.  It may have been further away from home, but it led him to his future wife who lived on the Darling Downs here in Queensland... and rest - as they say - is history.
Australia Day, this year, wasn't much for me.  Mum was sick with a sinus infection and she felt pretty miserable.  So, she stuck around the home snoozing and hoping to feel better tomorrow.  My brother had something cut off his neck yesterday; so he sat around the house recovering from it.  So, we didn't get to do anything today.  Today, I hung around online, watched the overcast day drift by, caught up with an old neighbour who used to live here at the unit complex and then, took a shower, washed my hair and worked for 2 hours on my painting while listening to 'Amigos' by Santana.  Not a bad afternoon if you ask me.  Well, what did you get up to on your day?  Until my next post, take care, keep warm and safe and remember I'm always here.


  1. Happy Belated Australia Day! I was out for most of the day catching up with a friend.

  2. Happy Belated Australia Day to you too. I didn't do much... and it was a lovely day to just veg-out and do nothing except watch the rain. :)