Sunday, January 15, 2012

Cooler Weekend and Defrag

It's been a better weekend than it has been this week; weatherwise.  I have noticed that the clouds have scudded over the sky and the temperatures have cooled down our nights, bringing with them some lovely breezes.  And about time too!  This means we've all been able to catch up on some much-needed sleep over the last few nights.  
Last night, I ate early and put on a couple of dvds and had a vampire night; starting with the classic 'The Lost Boys' from 1986.  What a great movie!  So many great stars and they were so young!  And the great, late Corey Haim was in it along with his best friend Corey Feldman.  Both of them were only around 15 at the time they were cast and their friendship on-screen shone through.  I haven't seen this film since Corey Haim's passing... and so it was lovely to watch it again and remember him.
The other vamp film I watched was 'Dracula 2000'.  This was a massive step into the future where the internet and mobile phones are around, technology was better and music wasn't as textile as it was in the 1980's.  However, I do love this film as much as any vampire film around as it's got the same old values as any other vamp film:  old vampire shows up, he's in search for his 'beloved', he finds her, he thinks he's got her and she kills him.'  Great storyline.  And the old vampire is played by - none other than - Gerard Butler!  What a babe!  By the time both these films were finished, it was 10pm.  So, I closed up the house, turned off all the lights and went upstairs to hang around on the computer.  
However, this thing has been playing up on me lately.  It's been restarting twice over... and it would keep on doing it if I let it.  So, last night, I figured out where the defrag section of the computer was and thought it would be a good idea to get it going early today and defrag it completely.  This would take about 2 hours.  
This morning, I was up at 7:30am, dressed, turned on the computer, got the defragging going, fed the pets and went out and to buy the paper.  I chatted to Betty at unit 16 until a honey bee chased both of us away (poor little thing was only curious about where the flowers were... she wasn't interested in us; but scared us away anyway).  Then, I bought the paper and ate breakfast.
Once my morning meal was finished, I washed up, put out the rubbish, cleaned the stove, checked on the computer (and it was 61% done) and then I went back downstairs and tidied up the lounge and put on a vinyl and finished up cleaning the lounge room and putting things away.  This took up another half hour and I checked on it again and it was finished.  I restarted the computer and I took off to make my milk drink and came back upstairs to hang out on here.  It's been about 2 years since I defragged this computer; and that's not a good thing.  Computers become slow and begin to stuff up if you don't defrag them once a year.  Defragging them is their way of reorganising them; thus making them run faster, more efficiently and better and so you'll have a computer that will work better for you and you'll be able to have something that will have more than enough space on its drives too.  Another thing you can do to make your computer work better is to move things you no longer need - like excess photos or large files - onto an external drive.  I have lots of photographs, however they are stored in such a way that they don't take up a lot of space.
I have made a folder in my Pictures folder in my computer, named it the year it is for and the month we're currently in then I put all the photos I've taken for that month into that folder.  When that month is over, I go in and create another folder in that year of the next month; and so on.  It's the best way I know how to organise my photographs; and to keep track of them all too.  Once the year is over, I move all the folders into a main folder of that year, create another one for this year, and a new one for January and I've begun again.  It takes up such little space, it's amazing.  And yet, I have got all the photos I've taken for the last three years on a digital camera.  Amazing stuff... and yet, I also have other photos as well - like about 100 or so photos of Little Miss Stevie that take up next to no space.
Well, I'm expecting my parents this afternoon for afternoon tea.  We're having coffee and some Christmas Cake and a chat about what they've been up to over Christmas and NYE... me?  I'll be talking about what I did too.  Until my next post, take care, keep warm and safe and remember, I'm always here. 

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