Monday, January 9, 2012

It's A Heatwave!!!

It's been a hell of a day!  Really and truly... an absolute heatwave... and it's reminded me of the song
as it's about heat.  I love how it keeps being remembered by people everywhere (I even sung in quietly while shopping one day last year when I heard it come over the radio at Coles).  However today, it was so very hot, I nearly just laid back down in bed and went back to sleep after breakfast to ignore the day.  But I didn't.
I jumped on here instead - as usual - and ended up getting off at midday... to get outside.  However, it was very hot and so I jumped back on here at around 1pm and the computer quickly overheated!  So, I took the side off and angled the tower towards the air-conditioner... however it wasn't doing it any good.  The temperature kept going up.  So, I turned it off and then took the opportunity and cleaned it out of the dust and crap with cotton buds and a washer sprayed with glasses cleaning fluid (which has alcohol in it; so it dried quickly and yet cleaned well).  
While I was waiting for the computer to completely cool off, I worked on a painting for an hour and a half, read some of the stories of 'Brief Interviews With Hideous Men' by David Foster Wallace and began reading 'The Dreaming Void' by Peter F. Hamilton.  By around 4pm or so, I wasn't bored, but I was all read out and Mum and Dad had smsed me telling me that they had had a storm down at Brunswick.  So, I called Will.  We chatted for a good long while... talking about everything from pets, birds, lizards, spiders, parents, books (and he was shocked at how many I have) then we both had to go... it was good to talk to him. 
I felt as though I didn't get a lot done, but yet I did... seeing it was so hot, I found I was reading a lot; and with the computer out of action for such a large part of the day, I felt kind of useless without it.  But I did find that having the time to read was quite refreshing.  Well, until my next post, take care, keep warm (or cool) and remember, I'm always here.


  1. How was the computer today?

    Be warned we are going to have another hot day again tomorrow.

  2. The computer's going well. I moved it closer to the air-con and it's keep cooler than ever!

    Tomorrow, I'm going to wear something that will keep me nice and cool and bring along my Bunnings umbrella; it's a good one for the sun.