Sunday, January 1, 2012

Calling In the New Year!

Well!  I hope you had a great New Year Eve wherever you are in this great globe we call home.  I sure did.  It was an interesting trip getting to my destination before the party even began!
I got to Garden City via bus - and it was late - and once I arrived at Garden City, it was very crowded.  There were people waiting to get into the city to start their celebrations wherever they go for the New Year.  Well, there were three emo's and one big-busted girl who was being initiated.  She wasn't dressed in black; instead dressed in another colour and being chased around by the girls in black... nobody took much notice until we all boarded the bus and it was standing room only and things got a little disturbing.  Their outsider took a seat and began texting and the emos began hitting on each other; then nobody really knew where to look - at them or out the window, or at their phones, ipods or - better still - take an interest in the passenger next to them!  Me?  I was hoping to get off the bus as soon as I could without having to go past them.  Once my stop came up, I did have to get past them and one of them grabbed me... it was the most uncomfortable feeling I've gotten from another person in a long time.
Will and me at Tom and Ev's place... both hating the flash of the camera.

Vivienne and Geoff... this is only blurry because it was late and I was tired.
Once at the party, Geoff and Vivienne and I saw Will standing out the front waiting for us to show.  Will and I played the game of 'hey long time, no see!' (seeing we hung out on Wednesday) and then we all headed up the side of the house the party was just beginning.  The sun was setting, the booze was starting to flow as was the food... and not long after, Tom and Ev covered their beloved Cockateil and he went to sleep soon after.
We all chatted and talked with the music playing and all kinds of subjects were passed around the table.  Will worked his Rieki on a few of us and he found out a few surprising things about everyone - right on the cusp of the New Year.  I was very interesting... and we got some fun photos of everyone too.
It didn't take long to get back to Geoff and Viv's place.  However, once we all got to bed, I found that the neighbours had other ideas about going to sleep... like staying up until dawn.  I - of course - had my idea of wanting to sleep, so I said for them to 'be quiet' from the window... nope.  They got louder.  So, I shouted louder and more direct to 'shut up because some of us want to sleep!'.  I heard this one echo across to the other town houses across the drainage ditch... oops!

Well, when my alarm went off, I didn't feel all that refreshed... in fact, I felt very hungover from not getting the sleep I needed.  So, I took it easy and reset my alarm another two times to take my other medications; then tried to sleep in.  But I couldn't.  So, I got up, dressed and brushed my hair and readied myself to go downstairs.  Porridge was made and I stuffed around on the net after buying two Sunday Mails and a bottle of coffee drink... and believe me I needed it!
Will with Emmanuel playing the drums in New Farm Park
Where we were set up for the afternoon... a great spot!
The massive crystal in the middle!  Great vibes emanated from it!
We stuffed around until about 11:30am and slowly got our butts into gear to head off to New Farm Park.  It was a good drive there; not many people on the roads.  The sun shone nice and hot and strong with a good sea breeze.  Once there, we found the place where Will and his group had gathered and settled under a massive tree!  It was magnificent!  We settled around the edge of the blankets and helped ourselves to the food and munchies and chatted while a massive crystal sat in the middle of the whole blanket!  It was amazing.  The charge this thing gave off was brilliant!  The park was full of people, the sun was hot and wonderful and the wind was as lovely and cool - taking the humidity out of the air.  It was such a rebuilding experience to be by the Brisbane River at this time of the year.  There were so many other families enjoying the first day of 2012 in this very park and at The Powerhouse Museum... it was fantastic.
We spent around 4 hours at this spot enjoying each other's company and talking, chatting and eating.  It was energising - especially when Will handed around the massive crystal to Geoff, Vivienne and me and we all felt its power individually for about an hour in the sun.  What a blast!  I felt completely charged from just sitting there for that time; as though I had gotten a full night's sleep.
I'm home now - have been since 5pm - and I'm tired.  The unit complex is very quiet; as people have gotten a quiet and early night.  So, I'll be off to bed in the next few minutes.  Until my next post, take care, keep warm and safe and remember, I'm always here.


  1. Wonderful post. Just one little question? How does you being tired equate to a photo being blurry? Was the camera tired too? Didn't think cameras got tired! :P ....Anyway, a wonderful time to be had, and very glad you recorded these moments of fun and friendship. Looking forward to reading about what adventures the new year will bring! :D

  2. the camera wasn't tired, I was... so thus, my hands weren't all that steady. :P