Friday, January 13, 2012

Heat Exhaustion

Last night, I suffered from heat exhaustion.  It was horrible.  After a dreadfully hot day out, I felt sick, constantly thirsty and didn't know what to eat.  I was tired - but not tired - and had the trots.  It was a horrible feeling.  I drank almost a full pot of tea, all of my Ginger and Mineral Water Drink and another two 500ml of water on top of the other two I had drunk that day.  
On top of all of that, the bins outside my place - which were supposed to have been collected that day - stunk to high heaven all night.  So, I was out there at midnight with a can of Glen-20 spraying every last one to keep the smell at bay; thank Gods that worked!  But I still couldn't sleep.  So, I used up my last two Gastrolyte pills and finally got to sleep at around 1am.
At 5:30am, one of the new neighbours across the court thought it would be bright idea to hammer something.  I called out what time it was and to give it a break... they did for 5 seconds and started up again.  I called out again what time it was and told them to shut up!  This time they stopped alltogether.  This was because I had finally gotten some solid sleep - and my body was recovering from the heat yesterday - and somebody thought it would be good to start something noisy (besides a car leaving to go to work; which doesn't bother me, as you get used to those noises).

Today, I was out and about.  I was feeling very blah... very ordinary... but I wasn't feeling anything as bad as I was last night.  When I returned home, I took another two Gastrolyte pills and within two hours I was feeling great!  I was also very, very hungry - starving actually - and had to say to a friend online that I needed to get some food into me; as it was the first time in over a day that I actually wanted to eat.  I ate a snack and then cooked up my home-made fried rice and scoffed into a huge serving of that... and I'm still starving.  This is a great sign... I'm on the mend, but I'm now very tired and still have to catch up with lost sleep.
When Mum called earlier this evening, I told her what happened, and she was worried.  She said that the best thing for heat exhaustion is to just drink fluids; no food.  But she's happy I'm feeling a lot better... and said that if I can survive this, I can survive pretty much anything.  So, I'm glad about that.  She also said that I did everything right - from taking a cool shower, drinking my Gastrolytes, drinking sugary drinks and eating cool foods (when I could) and lots of water - it was right... my body just had to mend.  Thankfully today was a lot cooler.
Well, tomorrow is supposed to be cooler still with a few showers... let's hope.  We really do need the rain to green up our lawns.  Until my next post, take care, keep warm and safe and remember, I'm always here.

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