Friday, January 13, 2012

Weird, Old Friday 13th!

Weird is the word for today... really it was, is and I think this day of all days will always be.  This particular day I had to go into the city and pick up a book that had arrived from the UK for me as it was out of print and was never marketed here.  So, I thought to take off at around 11:30am and make it back to Springwood in time for my Chiropractor's appointment.  It seemed like a good plan at the time. 
First off, the bus was 10 minutes late, but we made it to Garden City on time.  How strange is that?  Then, I jumped on board a bus from the lifts immediately.  I thought my luck had changed!  It hadn't.  The man who was in front of me - sitting sideways in the bus seat - was reading 'The Courier Mail'.  I could only read the headlines - as I'm short-sighted and the larger bold print jumps out at me - and so when an article about our Solar System caught my eye (and a photo of some planets and a sun jumped out at me from the opposite page), I leaned forward to read the headline and he moved the paper to close the gap so I couldn't.  I know it's rude to read over somebody's shoulder, but that's the only thing I read over his shoulder.  This pig of man hunched his shoulders, and pulled the pages closer and closer to himself, folding the paper more and more so I couldn't see what he was reading.  I started laughing because he was being ridiculous... seeing I could easily find a netcafe in the city and google the article or just simply find myself a copy of 'The Courier Mail' for the article to read.  When we pulled in under King George Square, he even went to the extreme and folded the paper right up into quarters and shoved it into his bag and did it up... doing up the clips loudly and glaring at me as I got off the bus with a smile on my face.  The first thing I did was buy myself a copy of 'The Courier Mail'... I just had to see what the fuss was about with his newspaper being so confidential about it all; I could go as far as calling him a snob.
Once I was walking through the city, got myself a copy of the paper, been to the Lady's toilets (and no I didn't leave anything there this time!), I was off to The American Bookstore where my copy of 'Christian Slater: Back From the Edge' by Nigall Goodall was waiting for me.  I had a book voucher that Mum won years ago from The Logan Writers' Guild and she gave it back to me... this thing was worth $25!  So, I thought that after around 15 years of waiting, it was high time for this voucher to be used!  And I asked if it was still valid; and the owner smiled and said yes.  Well!  I perused the books on writing and language, pronouns and other written language uses... however there was one my eyes kept going back to.  It was 'Everything Creative Writing Book' by Wendy Burt-Thomas.  When it mentioned blogs on the front and publishing as well, I thought it would boost my non-fiction section quite well (as a few of the books from this store have in the past; and will do in the future).  So, I forked out another $6.95 and bought the book with the voucher and walked away a happy customer.
Once on the bus, I could relax for around 20 minutes - as I was getting off at Springwood and not Garden City.  So, I had time to peruse my two purchases.  I began reading the Christian Slater book and - as with the other Nigall Goodall book I own on David Tennant - it's a good, well-written book that I think I'll be able to get through easily.
On the way to Springwood, at the Eight Mile Plains Bus Station, on guy got off.  He stood, let off a loud fart and walked off, touching off his Go-Card as he went.  He didn't excuse himself or anything!  It was shocking and gross!  I couldn't believe it; and neither could the people behind me!  He had farted in the face of an older gentleman and didn't even apologise to him; now that's just disgusting!  A decent person doesn't do that; they wait until they are outside to let off a fart - if they can - and if they can't, they at least get embarrassed to have done it in the first place; not just do it and walk off as though it was something they do all the time (which it looked like this guy does!).  And the really bad thing was:  He was sitting in front of me when a girl boarded the bus at Garden City with a large stroller and she forced him to move.  He didn't want to move, but he did.  Soooo, what was he thinking of doing if he hadn't?  Fart in my face instead?  If he had, he would've been in for serious surprise of me teaching him about manners... no excuses!
I went to my Chiro's at Springwood and checked up on Mum and Dad's house before walking back to the bus station and catching my bus home.  My afternoon wasn't a stressed out one, but it wasn't really a busy one either.  However, it was eventful.  So, how did your week end?  I hope there wasn't anything bad that proved this day to be historically horrible; or did it go the other way and become a lucky day for you?  If your day turned on a dime and landed the right way up for you, let us know about it.  Until my next post, take care, keep warm and safe and remember, I'm always here.


  1. Unfortunately it is part of being human to experience the release of carbon dioxide. If we don't, we will die!!

    It's a very rare case but I did know someone from the past who has unfortunately lost her life because her body was poisoned from carbon dioxide not been released from her body.

  2. But couldn't he wait until he was outside to let it off? And not fart in some poor guys' face who hadn't done anything to him?

    And before that, a woman got on the bus with a massive pram and when she finished slotting it in next to him, she stood there and had to ask him to move... he rolled his eyes and got up as though she asked him for the Earth. This guy was being a pig when he farted... he was also being a pig when he wasn't going to move for the lady... I think he was expecting her to stand next to the pram for the whole bus trip to the Hyperdome from Garden City.