Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Wet, Wet, Wet Days

It's wet outside.  The rain is pouring from the darkened clouds, trickling through the drains, along the clogged gutters and into the storm drains and out into the mass of drainage systems that keep our roads and other areas of our cities from becoming flooded.
However, with the pitter-patter of the rain, comes other things.  With it comes the problems of not being able to do your laundry, because there's only so much space on a fold-up clothes horse.  You can only do so much housework before you become bored as hell with it and just sit and fiddle with the things you're supposed to be sorting out.  You can very easily catch up with the supposedly-lost hours of sleep because of the darkened house and cooler breezes of the day and the subdued lighting outside.  Even your pets are feeling the same way as they curl up and snooze the day away and enjoy the lovely warm comforts of the house - especially when you've gotta go out into the wet, cold day to do the shopping, pick up some milk or just check the mail, only to return with wet shoes, ankles and umbrella less of money and with wet groceries because it was pouring rain when the cab dropped you home. 
Wet days are sometimes great, though; especially when you don't have to go anywhere.  It plays to your advantage when all you need to do is sit and read, paint, play the piano or curl up with some freshly popped popcorn - all nice and warm - and watch your favourite movie on dvd while the rain teems down outside.  It's the best feeling of all when there's a day like that; and you know, I don't get them very often.  However when I do, I like to spend my hours on the computer and do some decent writing; because there's nowhere else to be, no-one needs me around anywhere and nothing to get done outside - all because it's too darn wet.  
So, while it's pouring rain outside - day or night - what do you enjoy as your indoor hobbie?  Is it painting,reading or listening to music?  Do you design new things and sew them up, do you brave the weather and get out into the garden, slopping around in the wet mud to get your garden looking great while the soil is wet enough to mold?  Well, until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm and remember, I'm always here.

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