Friday, January 6, 2012

Housework Friday

This morning, when the alarm went off, I want to stay in bed as the nice cool morning breeze blew in through my window.  However, once 7am came around, it was no longer a cool breeze that blew in, but a warm one and I was out of bed far sooner than I thought, stripped the bed and gathered up everything to toss into the laundry basket to take downstairs for the first load of laundry.  
By the time I had that first one on, I had tightened up the clothes line with my two shifting spanners, pruned the back privet and taken a good look around the rather shabby back yard; and decided right there that this place needed a good clean-up, and today was the day I was doing it.
I went back inside, fed Little Miss Stevie, the fish too and took out the rubbish to the bin then ate breakfast.  The washing up got done (once the sink and counter got a good clean up with Gumption) and then when it became too to do that, I stopped and went out and checked the mail, signed for a parcel and bought some biscuits for a friend visiting tomorrow and then came home with a nice cold bottle of sparkling mineral water.
Once home, I paid the phone bill, pulled down the Christmas Tree and put away all the Christmas Decorations and placed all the Gloria Jean Christmas Mugs back in their boxes and then looked around at the living room.  It looked very bare without the festive cheer I've been looking at for the last few weeks... but I'm kinda glad it's all put away for another year.
I pulled out the drawers from the first China Cabinet and did them out; pulling out all the crap from them and putting back only what I'd use.  There's so many postcards, letters and bits of things I didn't know I had that I just dumped it all on the table and did out the other drawer and found a lot of tools that I used in everyday things; so I left it that way, well most of it.
After that, I made my milk drink, put on the fan and made sure Little Miss Stevie had enough fresh air and water and went onto here to stuff around for a bit.  I journaled a book I had received through the mail on Bookcrossing and I'm looking forward to reading it.  Then, I uploaded my daily 365Project photo and then I talked to a few friends on Facebook until around 1pm when I got offline as the sky had scudded over with cloud; and I thought it was time to get into the garden.
So, I unlocked the side gate and began putting the potted plants out in the car port.  Once they were all out there, I pulled out my lawn mower and did my best at mowing my lawn.  What I couldn't get done, I pulled out with my hands.  However, I found the spin-reel mower jammed and I had to clean it out.  While I was cleaning it, one of the tips of my fingers got caught in the blades and pinched!  Oh!  It hurt so bad, but caused only a blood blister under my skin; and annoyed the crap out of me for a few hours.  However, it's settled down now; even if I do feel the bruise a little when I dig my nail into it (but then you would).

After I cleaned up the yard, I put the plants back, and the lawn mower away and looked around.  It looked pretty good.  I was pleased with my work; but exhausted.  However, as I turned, I felt something alight on my skin... not sweat, it felt like rain.  So, I quickly locked up the side gate, raced around, through the house and out the back door (which I had locked from inside) and took everything off the line.  But I must have been mistaken, as about fifteen minutes passed and no rain fell.  Oh well, doesn't matter, everything was dry anyway and I could pick out of the laundry whatever I needed to wear after my shower where a lot of the garden dirt was washed down the drain too.
It was a good day of cleaning up, gardening and other things too.  Tomorrow, I have a friend coming over to listen to music and have some tea with me.  So, tonight, I made ice tea and it's currently in the fridge waiting for us to drink it.  She hasn't been here before; and I hope she enjoys being here despite the heat.  Well, until my next post, take care, keep warm and safe and remember, I'm always here. 

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