Sunday, January 29, 2012

Dear 16-year-old Me

In today's 'Sunday Mail', I read a piece about famous people being asked to write to themselves when they were 16-years old; what they would advise them to do - or not.  I think this came from a video that was posted on Facebook about Melanoma not so long ago called 'Dear 16-year-old Me' where people who have survived Melanoma wrote a verbal letter to themselves about the dangers of the skin cancer and what they'd change about themselves.  Now, I'd like to do the same for myself; as I had big problems when I was 16 and wish I could go back and talk to me as a teen.  So, here goes:
Dear 16-year-old me,

School may seem like crap right now and your hair looks like a horrible mop of a mess, you're not popular, there's no boyfriend and you're not allowed to go to parties.  But don't worry, life does get better.  Hang in there.  Your folks have sent you to a church group because you're their youngest and a girl (believe me, they think they're doing right by you; it's just how they think).
By the time you leave school - which will be at the end of year 11 because you'll flunk out - you'll feel rotten about yourself, but know where you're going.  Do the TAFE course, but try not to lose it with the tutor (she's an idiot anyway); just walk out on her without throwing the textbook at her head.  
Love your car - the Toyota Celica - and make sure you drive it as much as you can before you have to give up driving; because it'll be a long time before you'll get out there again.  Little Vroom won't be your only car, but it'll be the one you'll remember the best.  
Epilepsy will be something you'll have problems with.  Again, patience will be something you'll learn with doctors.  And this condition will totally change your life in many ways.  You'll get into reading, painting and music is such a big way that your life will change.
Oh, don't keep going out with that dude you dated around 1999... he'll ruin your life completely.  You'll know the one.  He'll begin screaming at you for no reason.  Once he starts that, just dump him; he's not worth it - honestly.
Keep writing.  No matter what keep on writing... it hard as hell to get published, but just enjoy the fact you love telling a story and entertaining people.  And... um... your bookcase?  You know the one in your bedroom?  Yeah, multiply that by four bigger ones and you're lookin' at your collection in 2012 (and the collection keeps growing!). 
Speaking of collecting books, computers will become a big part of your life in the future.  Get used to them.  They are going to work well with you and you're going to own one in your house!  How cool is that?  But keep your eye on the ball about being published; it will happen, just not when you expect it to.  Otherwise, don't worry about school, it's a drop in the ocean.  And yes, you'll get back at one of the high school bullies later on in life - and it'll feel great!

PS:  Do go to your 20 Year Reunion... it'll be worth it! 
PPS:  And even though you avoid the sun like the plague, you'll still get a rotten sun cancer.  It'll be painful as hell and you'll be left with a scar... however, please, please, please, when you go and hang out with one of the kids at Bruns next year (you'll be 17), put some sunscreen on!  Even if you think you'll be okay; you'll get sunburnt to a crisp... and that's when the damage will happen to your leg.

So, what would you say to your 16-year-old self if you had the chance?  Lots? A little?  Nothing?  Or would a letter not be needed at all as your life turned out exactly as you planned?  I thought it would be interesting if we could talk to our 16-year-old selves.  However, the problem would be, would they believe anything we'd say?  Until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm and remember, I'm always here.


  1. Don't really wish to think about the past. What happened was just an experience to learn from. Inspite the age, I think the future is more the higher priority on my list. But saying that to the younger generations in the 21st century is another story.

  2. I learn a lot about my past... that's why I wrote this post. I wonder what I could learn from my future me? Now, that'd be interesting. :D