Saturday, November 24, 2012

A Rotten Apple - An Update

Today, I was online and thought to recharge my iPod and see what apps were online for it - seeing I didn't have the ones I thought I had.  But instead of buying new ones, I looked up the old ones I wanted back.  And I found out something...

The ones I had lost - all 4 pages of them - were all free-bies and they were programmed for this year... and I had gotten them last year!  So, when Dad and I were insulted on Thursday morning by the idiot in the Apple Store, we were basically called liars.  The guy didn't know anything about my iPod (another one who doesn't know anything about Apple products or their apps).  

My main question for Apple is this:  how in the hell did I get all those apps for my iPod last Christmas when they were all coming out this May, September, October and November?  And all but one was free?  Accusing the customer of being a liar by patronising them isn't the way to keeping on the good side of anyone.  So, acting holier than thou and playing mind games with somebody you're supposed to be helping (especially seeing I did ask to see another person after not getting anywhere with this first idiot and he refused to get anyone else for me to talk to) really ticked me off.

Also, today, I looked around on Apple's official sites and found that they are really distancing themselves from the public. 
Three weeks ago, I could phone a number on their website and get a real person talking to me.  Now, I have to go through a series of buttons on their site and e-mail them my complaint which will be looked at within 24 - 48 hours by a tech guy who will then e-mail me back.  And if I want to make an appointment at one of their very few Apple Stores, I have to do the same thing and click around on their site and make the appointment myself... it's so impersonal and cold.  Apple has become a place where I can't talk to anyone because the company doesn't want to talk to the public.  And if you write in to them or on their Facebook page, you don't hear a reply or hear back... you are ignored.  Sure, you get the automated reply, but you don't get personal service - unlike other computer companies that are around today.
This is not good enough for us.  We are people - the public - and should be treated like people, not like numbers.  If our devices malfunction, the company - not the retailer - should be held accountable.  And if the device needs to be set up in a particular way, the company which built it should have a way of telling the customer by adding a little booklet with the device instead of blaming a 'dodgy company' for the problems that come up in the future for somebody (which is what was blamed on my dilemma on Thursday). 

So, if you have an Apple device and it's stuffing up on you, don't take crap from it - or Apple - do something about it and make yourself heard.   


  1. Thanks for the tip! Guess I won't be buying any Apple products then if the company is arrogant to their customers.

    Also it pays to be careful what you download online. Afew apps might not be true ones. It could be spams or apps contain viruses.

    1. Actually, I didn't download the additional apps, they just showed up on the Apple iTouch4 when I plugged it into my brother's computer to set it up... so, I assumed everyone go these apps with their iTouch or iPods.

      But when I found out that wasn't the case, the guys could have told me in a better way; and not be such bastards about it.

      Since this post, though, I have heard back from Apple Support and they have been very helpful, telling me that the Administrators of Apple have been told of what's happened at Carindale - along with names and times and dates - so this never happens again to another customer.
      This goes to prove that they do wish to keep me as a valued customer. And seeing I was given this product as a gift, I have no intention of giving it away or selling it. I do enjoy using it, and am still flying blind a little with it. So, as time has gone by, this iPod is teaching me a lot more than I ever though possible. :)