Monday, November 19, 2012

Busy As Hell Week Ahead

This week is going to be full of appointments and outings; and I can't get out of any of them.  And today, I went to one of them.  Today, I went to get an MRI done at the Greenslopes Private Hospital and it wasn't the best time of my life there.  Being a claustrophobic, I don't do too well in these things; so seeing I survived 95% of this test without panicking, I found that was me doing well.  It wasn't until I had the contrast inject that I felt unwell and dreadful.  I also found I had to take my medications later than usual which means I've got a headache I can't shake.

But for the rest of this week, I have only Tuesday and Friday to myself; whereas the rest of this week - including the weekend - is not my own.  I have Wednesday as my shopping day.  And even though I have the afternoon to myself,I still have to work on a few things for Christmas.  Then, there's Thursday morning where I'm hoping to get an appointment for my Apple iPod at Carindale nice and early.  If so, well, I have the afternoon to work at buying my fruit and veggies at the Big Apple down the road.

Friday - as I said is my only day to myself.  This is the day where I'll be packing for an overnight stay at the coast with my folks on Monday.  

On Saturday, I'll be over at the Coffee Club at Springwood where I'll be at the Logan Writers exchanging ideas and chatting happily over coffee.  It ought to be great.  I do enjoy hanging out with other writers and publishers when I get the chance.  It also gets me away from the computer and the house for a change.

Then, on Sunday, I'll be out again at the Logan Art Gallery's Christmas Party... it ought to be fun.  However, I can't take Mum with me this time.  This is a bummer as we usually have a lot of fun and enjoy ourselves.  Wish she could come along.  Well, I'll be taking a lot of photos and buying her something special on the trip.  

So, that's my week.  No time to scratch for me, eh?  Let us know what your week is going to be like.  Is it good, bad or ugly?  Until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm and remember, I'm always here.    

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