Friday, November 30, 2012

November's More Than Different!

Okay, this month has been a weird month... really weird.  It started out okay.  We had a belated birthday party for Riley and the Melbourne Cup.  Both events were wonderful, full of food, great times and I was around people I loved.
I got back into my gardening again and bought a few plants at a sale at a house a few streets away.  I was darned proud of myself when I figured out that I was short-changed and went back; because I scored 2 more plants!  Only planned on having two main plants and ended up bringing home 4 plants instead.  How cool is that?  Fortunately, the weather changed and we got a bit of rain and our lawns greened up and our plants were fed too.
But then my health took a turn and I got freaked out.  I took a mini-stroke - better known in technical terms as a TIA - and the doctors narrowed it down to the Pill as the cause.  So, I'm off that now and we have to figure out what to do about an ovarian cyst that keeps making my cycle irregular.
We had a dear, sweet family friend pass away.  Ted Lane and his family had known us since I was around 6 years old; and now all these years later, I'm sad to see him gone.  He was a wonderfully kind and lovely man and his family were great too.  His service was just wonderful; but his grandchildren found if difficult to speak at it.
Then, Dad and I were back at the Apple Store at Carindale.  But this time the guy at the Genius Bar was patronising and wouldn't help us in any way.  He reminded me of Sheldon off 'The Big Bang Theory' where he only gave me the information he thought was important to me; instead of telling me what I wanted to know.  And when I asked for another person to talk to, he refused to go and get them.  How frustrating is that?  I did get further than this place though.  I made a complaint to the Apple Support online and the person who replied to my complaint took it to a high authority.  And so, it is being dealt with.
But after that, I have been fiddling with the iPod a lot lately.  I put the apps I wanted back onto it and found out that they were all free - well, except the language ones I was using - and they weren't for release last year (as I had gotten them then) but they were for release this year.  So, I downloaded the ones I wanted/needed and now I'm happy with what I have.
However, now, in the last week, it's been very busy.  Christmas is coming up, I've been on the Logan Art Gallery's Christmas Party on 25th, November and the next day, I was down the coast with Mum and Dad helping them set up the van; only to come back the next day (which made it Tuesday afternoon return to Brisbane).  On Wednesday afternoon, Mum and I went out and did a lot of errands in 3 hours and beat a lot of rain home in peak hour traffic.  But yesterday, we were both a little burnt out, with a lot of stuff happening all in one week.  So, we stayed home.  Today, I'm off to the neurologist to have to read my scans and to have a chat with her to see where we go from here with the pill.  
Yep, this month has had its ups and downs.  From the races, to birthdays, to an unfortunate loss of a wonderful friend, to electronics company support team not having the best people behind it... this month has most certainly been a weird old one... and I haven't even mention that weekend where I used my Olivetti Lettera32 typewriter for the whole weekend because we had storms hit for the whole two days.  Yeah, we did.  Well, until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm and remember, I'm always here.      

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