Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Busy Days Out

As Christmas nears everyone will be working on finding gifts for their family and friends.  Christmas cards are going to be sent out in the mail, carols are going to be heard everywhere - in every style - and each time we enter a friend's house, they will have a tree up and decorations.  

I've already begun getting into the busy Christmas Spirit of things.  So far, all my Christmas cards have been posted, I've picked a card off the K-Mart Wishing Tree to give to a person who has less than I do.  I have two presents already picked out and wrapped for the Big Day and I'm planning on doing something big and special for my front garden to make it look festive as well.
However, this week has been a busy one for me as well.  On Sunday, I was out and about very early and driven to the Logan Art Gallery.  Us volunteers were going on their annual Christmas Party that the Logan Logan City Council pays for.  We had a pink bus show up and were loaded on board and driven to Mt Warning first off.  There's a little cafe not far from it called 'The Rainforest Cafe'.  It's a lovely little retreat of a place - a little expensive - but very pretty, quiet and restful.  There's massively tall trees which have paths winding through them and a brook nearby under some shady trees - just in case you don't feel like walking around.  The owner's dog - Tia - wanders around and loves to have a pat; she so wishes it (otherwise she'll yap and bark at you if she gets spooked by a skirt or anything too weird that looks like a skirt) and there's chickens walking around too.  
But too soon, we had to leave; swapping the coolness of the shaded trees for the air-conditioning of the bus.  We were on the bus for a little while and we were driven to the Murwillumbah Visitor's Centre.  Here, we walked around, enjoyed the art made by the local artists and had a chance to stretch our legs more before lunch at the Murwillumbah Services Memorial Club, where we were given a banquet room of our own and served up a delicious lunch!  There was choice between roast pork or roast turkey (both with all the fixin's) and then there was a vegetarian selection too, of a wonderful salad!  This salad had English Spinach, roasted Eggplant, capsicum, chickpea and herbs, with pepper and salt and some thick soy sauce.  However the more we ate, the more there seemed to be of this salad; it was the funniest thing!  Oh well.  I ate as much as I could and left it.  Dessert was a choice between sticky date pudding or pavlova... both wonderful and very filling.  Then, we could all sit back, filled with great food and have a cup of tea or coffee and chat to each other. 
After a little while, we were off again to our last place:  The Tweed Rivers Art Gallery.  I do love this place, as it's just so wonderful and has the best views and a cafe.  This is where I also bought Mum's Christmas presesnt too.  I also wild released a sci-fi book while I was there in memory of on my dear friends who passed away recently on Bookcrossing.  Online we had all agreed to wild release one of these books (or as many as we wanted) in memory of Tom Mailloux.  I managed to release it without anyone calling out that I had left my book behind... or the people who ran the cafe telling me not to litter. 
Before long, it was time to go.  However, we also got our group photo taken and the pink bus, which we had nicknamed 'Priscilla', with all of us on board was taking us back to the Logan Art Gallery.  We arrived back home in the car park where our adventures had begun.  Dad picked me up and I told him what I bought Mum for Christmas; and he said it was good of me because it's useful and she can take it down the coast.

Then, on Monday, I was packed to go to the coast to help them both set up the caravan.  With Mum unable to hold the poles of the annex or pull anything heavy, Dad needed me to help him with all of the heavy-lifting whereas Mum would be sitting down a lot and waiting to be able to unpack the van.  Once the annex was up, along with the walls of it, Mum was able to work on unpacking the other things.  Soon, though, it was time for dinner.  We had fishh'n'chips from the only place still open after 8pm at night.  We went to bed early, a,  after a nice hot shower, and we all had problems sleeping.  At around 3am, a Char (a small bird with a really loud song) sang for about 2 hours and I was woken up by it.  Dad and I both wanted to shoot it because it wouldn't shut up until the next trawler came in from fishing.  Then, an hour and a half later, my alarm went off.  Not a full-nights' sleep at all.  
So, last night, when I went to bed at around 10 pm, I was asleep in seconds.  It was bliss!  I woke to my alarm and feel I still need another early night, but I'm better than I was yesterday.  Until my next post, take care keep safe and warm, and remember, I'm always here.

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