Saturday, November 24, 2012

One Day to Scratch

Today is my one day to scratch for the next week or so; as I'm going to be run off my feet busyHowever, I have been busy today and this morning with chores.  I was up nice and early at 7:25am, dressed and pulling the sheets off the bed and gathering all the towels and clothes for the laundry.  By 9:30am, I had 3 loads of laundry out on the line and the sun was playing hide'n'seek (and still is!) but it's kept the rain away.
After that, I transferred some money across to my keycard account for tomorrow's big day out with the Logan Art Gallery people.  I'm also preparing for that today.  So, I made a list and went to the service station and bought myself a Breaka Ice Coffee and a bottle of lightly sparkling water and lithium batteries and pulled out $30; and was soon on my way home with my supplies for tomorrow.  Once home, I pulled out the little blue esky from the storage area and looked at it to see if I could fit everything I wanted inside it - and am happy to say I can.  So, I whacked an address label on it (which has my name on it) and it's ready to go.
I've been online here since around 10am.  I still have other house-keeping to do upstairs; like vacuuming, dusting, making up my bed, putting away laundry and packing for Monday.  While I've been online, I've been sussing out how much the damned apps cost to get them back onto my iPod... and you know, all but one are free and were developed for this year not last year.  So, I somehow had them all put onto my iPod by accident and didn't know I wasn't supposed to have them.  How come the dude at the bloody Apple Store at Carindale couldn't tell me that is beyond me.  Well, I've put them all on - and yes, I paid $4.00 for the Learn Spanish one (because I was in the middle of learning Spanish when it was deleted off my iPod; and I don't believe in doing things half-arsed). 

Anyway, I don't really have much to get done this afternoon.  Just to sweep out the carport and front door stoop, water the garden (once I pull in the laundry) and then, wash up, wash the kitchen floor, tidy up the lounge room and put away all the hand bags I'm not using.  I've figured out what I'm going to use tomorrow - but I've yet to figure out what bag I'm taking - but I'm hoping to have a lot of fun taking hundreds of photos while I'm out and am looking at buying a few Christmas presents too; seeing Mum's not going to be with me (yes, Mum, if you're reading this - which I'm sure you will - I'm looking out for a little something for you seeing you can't come this year).  

So, seeing you've all probably figured out that during most of my weekends, I get in and do my leftover housework, what do you get up to?  Partying?  BBQ's?  Hang out with mates?  Or do you just kick back and listen to music with a good book or a drink in hand?  Love to know how you all spend your weekends.  Until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm and remember, I'm always here.   

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