Saturday, November 10, 2012

Wet Saturday

I was up early and out the door to go to for a walk to Bunda Street to where a lady was selling Bromiliads.  Yesterday, I had seen a sign on a light pole on the way to the post office and thought to find out where the house was on Google Earth.  So, in the light rain, I walked over there with $20 in my pocket and a hope that I had good choice of plants to pick from.  And I was pleasantly surprised to find that there were plenty to look at and pick from.
And I was the first to arrive.  Being around 7:45am, I had my pick of plants and so I took my time and enjoyed the morning to look at the plants.  There were sun-loving types of Bromiliads and shade-loving ones and then there were ones that love a bit of each... and I had enough money for more than one plant.  There were big ones by the fence and small tiny ones near the door and medium-sized ones at the back of the garage.  The lady even showed me the Mother Plant of the sun-loving Bromiliad and it was huge!  
While we were around the back of their house, I spotted some movement around the side of the house.  And I looked beyond the plant and saw a really big, black, gorgeous German Sheppard.  He was lovely and he was looking at me with his tail wagging and all.  I even said they had a lovely dog there and she said he was their guard dog and laughed; I smiled saying, 'Oh, I see, he jumps all over you and licks you to death, eh?' she nodded laughing, 'Yeah.'
Well, anyway, I looked at the sun-loving plant and picked out the one I wanted - which was bigger of the three medium-sized ones.  And the man picked it up for me and put it on the driveway.  Then, I went and chose one of the shade-loving ones and put it out there with it.  We exchanged money and he gave me $4.00 change for my $14.00 purchase and my plants were bagged up and I was on my way.  
But hang on... I got to the end of the street, near the short-cut, and I put the plants down.  I dug around in my pocket, added up and amounts, came to $14.00 and found I was short-changed by $2.00.  So, I went back and told them, showed them how much money I had in my pocket and the lady gave me the right money back as well as an extra plant and a pup!  How cool is that?  So, now, the plants are now in my backyard in the right places to flourish to the best of their ability.  Then I took photos of them and they look just wonderful where I've put them.  Now, the next thing I have to do is save up big for large pots and lots of potting mix - and I mean lots - as I not only have to pot these plants but I also have to repot quite a few others around the yard too.

Sun-loving Bromiliad 

Two shade-loving Bromiliads  

A pup I scored 

My backyard taking shape 

I also had to go out today to my roster at the Logan Art Gallery.  It poured rain while I got ready; and teemed rain when Mum picked me up.  How fortunate was it that I didn't catch a bus?  Well, anyway, I was there all afternoon bored out of my head because I couldn't play any games on my iPod - because none of the ones I usually played were on there - and so I wrote a lot, organised a few things and added two new poems to my 'Happy Little Pigs' Poetry Book... very cool.  But not many people came into the place because of the weather; only 11 people.  So, too quickly the afternoon vanished on us and it was time to close up the gallery and go home.
I had a nice dinner, watched a little television and chatted with the neighbours about all kinds of things.  And my next door neighbours are almost ready to have their baby; as she had a false labor today.  How amazing is that?  She's not happy about it and really just wants it to happen quickly, but it seems her little baby wants to take her time getting out.  Well, until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm, and remember, I'm always here.  

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  1. Has your neighbour had her baby arrival yet? If so, a boy or a girl welcomed to the world??