Saturday, November 17, 2012

Sad Friday and Stormy Saturday

Yesterday was a hot sunny day and there was a hot wind that came with it.  We had the prediction of a storm last night, but that never arrived.  However, Mum, Dad and I were off early to attend a funeral of a dear friend of ours.  Ted Lane had been a big part of my life and he passed away early Monday morning from Prostate Cancer in Toowoomba.  However, his service was to be held here in Brisbane.
It was a lovely service and in a massive church too, over at Morningside.  Quite a few friends and all of the family showed up to farewell Ted and it was lovely.  His grandchildren were all there and his youngest ones tried to speak, but were too upset.  I felt horrible they lost their Grandpa so soon in their lives; whereas I lost mine later on in my life.  
The wake was in a nearby hall where we all sat down and chatted about Ted and funny things we remembered about him while we ate some food and drank tea and coffee.  However, I found drinking hot drinks too much in the heat and made myself some ice coffeesDad thought that was a really good idea.  At around 11:30am, we were told that the burial was at Hemman Cemetery at midday; so if anyone would like to attend, to go there now.  I thought it would be a good idea to go to the Ladies so I wasn't stuck at a cemetery where - most times - there's no public toilets.  Anyway, I saw one toilet was being used and another toilet had no door handles.  So, I walked into the handle-less toilet and closed the door; not thinking it would be any different than any other toilet.
However, once I used the toilet, washed my hands and unlocked the toilet, I found that I was locked in by the latch of the door.  So, I bashed on the door hard and loud and called out so people could hear me.  Mum heard me and she started laughing at me... how nice she found this funny... and she said she'd go and get Dad.  I heard Dad show up and he asked if there were any door handles on my side of the door (yep there were) and I slotted one onto the end of a spoke sticking out of where the door handle was supposed to be and turned slowly.  Once it was open, I washed my hands again and Dad asked why I used the toilet... well, I had to go.  He said it was dangerous for it to be left that way; seeing I'd use just about any toilet so long it works.  But we were on our way after that funny incident; and back out into the sun.  
I'd never been to a burial beforeAnd so to see one was a new experience for me; and it has confirmed something about how I want to be farewelled from this life.  I definitely want to be buried and not cremated; it's more dignified and it gives people time to farewell the passed on person.  We got to throw sand onto the casket and place things onto it as well, things that will be buried with it.  And I like that idea.  Ted's burial was a 12 noon; and it was very hot, so we all used umbrellas to keep the sun off us.  I used my Bunnings sun umbrella and had another two people hiding under it with me.  It was a very sad, but yet nice to be able to say goodbye to him day.  I poured sand onto his casket and said, 'Bye Teddles.' because I won't be able to say that again to him.  
We stayed at the cemetery for a little while chatting with Ted's family - as we don't get to see them very much.  And left at around 1pm.  I couldn't wait to get home and into the cool of my townhouse.  But the night was hotter than expected, and yet, it didn't storm or rain.

Today, this morning, we had a storm.  It was a really big one too!  So, with that in mind, I cleaned up the kitchen, cleared away the storm drain outside, put out the rubbish and washed up.  But I was also expecting a friend over on his way to the art gallery for his volunteer work.  Just before the storm hit, I brought in my Gloxinia in case we had hail.  Fortunately for us at Logan City, we didn't get hail (well in my area anyway).  But unfortunately, down near the Bay where my friends live, they had white-outs, lost power and had a huge amount of rain and wind.  This storm terrified my friend's wife and he smsed me and asked if me to call her so she could hear a friendly voice.  However, she told me that there was far too much forked lightning around and would prefer not to talk on the mobile or any other phone until the storm was finished.  Which is fair enough.
Anyway, the sun is out now and sky is nice and blue again... a far cry from what it looked like only hours ago.  And what was I doing during the storm, once I knew everything was secure?  I pulled out my manual typewriter and typed up all my work I had done on my iPod.  I still have a few things to write down, but not much really.  Until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm and remember, I'm always here.        

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