Thursday, November 1, 2012

Hot Day Out Shopping

Today, it's the first of November.  However last night's post got posted today instead of yesterday.  Oh well, that's how late I was up last night... yep, I got into the unclaimed lollies from Halloween; yes I know, very funny of me and I was on a sugar high for a while or until it wore off at around 1am.

Well, today, I looked outside and it was a lovely, breezy hot day.  So, I washed up, threw out the pumpkins from last night (otherwise I'd be stuck with rotting pumpkins) and then readied myself to go out to the computer store on the service road near Springwood.  I caught the right bus and pressed the button for Moss Street, but the driver didn't stop.  I had to tell him him he missed my stop; ironically he had missed the same stop for another person on the bus too.  Well, he stopped for us and we were right outside 'Game Dude', right where I wanted to be - and right where the other guy wanted to be too.  We both went inside and I found what I was looking for immediately as a great price!  
What I was needing was a hard drive caddy/case to hold a hard drive from my old computer so I could plug it into my new computer.  However, I was asked it it was plugged in via ribbon cable or a clip; this was something I didn't know.  So, the lady who served me said it was probably safer to buy one of these caddies which serviced both - just so I didn't have to come back in.  And for $39.00, I have this great little caddy that fits my hard drive in it!  To think!  I was going to buy the same thing from Harvey Norman for $69.95!  I got a great deal!  Well, once bought, I went outside with my Bunnings sun umbrella and looked at how far  I was from the bus station - and it wasn't that far.  So, I walked to the bus station and saw the man who was at the store with me buying his gear.  We chatted and I showed him what I bought.  When he was working - before he retired - he told me that he was right into the computer and programming game; and I had bought well and smartly.  He also told me that laptops were all the rage too; but there are people around the place who still love their desktops - like myself.
Anyway, we said our farewells and I decided to not catch the bus home but to head off to Rivers where there's a sale going on.  I took my time and walked up Fitzgerald Avenue and to the large store to have a look around.  This place is mammoth!  I've only walked past it and this was the first time I've been inside.  I found some singlet tops that were lovely and pretty; but I had go a size below what I am for them to fit - as they were a large make.  But these were also around $8 - $10 each.  I tried on a collection of shirts and only bought two as they were the only ones that suited me and I felt comfortable in.  One is rather thin; so I will have to buy a white singlet to go under it and sew it into the lining of this first shirt as you can see straight through it, and I want to wear this one with a skirt or jeans.  So, I'll see what I can do.  The other one is a peasant top and it's lovely and will match a few skirts and skirts I already have.

Now, I've been at the house for a good few hours and I have - so far  - had 2 ice coffees, a banana, some cheese and biscuits and been online since I arrived here.  And I've taken over a dozen photographs too around the place.  It's around 3:30pm and the breeze coming through the place is nice and cool and I'm looking forward to going  home and finishing up on my washing up.  I did half of it this morning, and have just pots and pans to wash up when I get back there.  The rubbish has been put out from last night - and boy, the bags for that were heavy! - and so I'm just hanging out here waiting for Mum and Dad to return back to their place to nab a lift home from them.  Until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm and remember I'm always here.     

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