Friday, November 23, 2012

A Rotten Apple

A quite a few of you know, I received an Apple iPod last year for ChristmasAt the time, I was over the moon about it!  It had everything I'd ever want in a little bit of metal and glass... and I thought Steve Jobs had left his company on a great high.  I couldn't praise it high enough.  It had 4 pages of very cool apps (some of which I couldn't use because it was for children; but there were games, trivia questions, languages I could learn and some other great things too that I wanted to have fun with once I had time to sit down and sift through those tiny apps). 

Less than a year on, my old computer bit the dust in a very unceremonious way and I was up for a new computer... a brand new one.  No worries, I thought it was time to upgrade.  So, I did.  And a few months later, I plugged in my iPod and synced it with my computer, which promptly wiped all my music, all the apps that were there (not including the factory settings) and screwed up the security and anything else I had put into the iPod - like the wi-fi from my brother's computer when I first set it up on Christmas Day 2011.

Boy, was I peeved!

So, I looked around on the net and found that there was help at hand at Carindale.  There was an Apple Store there so, I made an appointment and Mum and Dad took me there where I was given the run around by a kid who looked like he had just graduated from high school.  He barely looked at my iPod and told me to move the old iTunes software from the old hard drive to the new computer and it should recover everything... otherwise come back in and I'd be able to  get all the apps that were missing from my iPod next time.
Well, we thought it was a win some lose some situation.  Yeah, he didn't know how my iPod really worked, but he had an idea how to get all my music back.  So, I went home and did that.

Now, today, three weeks later, Dad and I have just gone back to the Carindale Apple Store to be given the run around yet again; in a different form.  I have been told by a totally different guy named Anthony, (at what they call 'The Genius Bar') that the 4 pages of apps couldn't possibly have been on the iPod, that somebody must have fiddled with my iPod before I got - as he smiled at me patronisingly.  I told him that the whole thing came in a proper box, wrapped in the proper tape with 'Apple' written on the top and 'Apple' written around the edge on the tape.  He still insisted that it was stuffed with by somebody before it was given to me.  Dad got really insulted - as Mum and him had bought it for me 2 days before Christmas and they didn't have a clue how to open the box, let alone turn on an iPod, so it couldn't have been them - and he told the guy that he has seen the apps and there were lots of them... and now there's not.  I told this guy in a red shirt (as they were having a sale) that the last guy told me to come back in and the tech guys would put the other apps back on for me - and Dad nodded saying that was trueAnthony said that was impossible because it was illegal for them to do that if I hadn't bought them; unless they were bought as extras with the iPod.
I said I didn't know, but Dad said that regardless of whether they were bought as extras or not, my demands to get them back isn't beyond him or Apple; and I should be able to get them back if I have the receipt of where we got it from.  He told us to go back to the retailer and ask them for our money back.

Mum and Dad had bought my iPod from 'WOW Sight and Sound' at Underwood just before it went bust.  This guy didn't know who this company was - or so he said.  He insisted then that we had been ripped off by a dodgy company.  All this time, he sat there smiling and being quietly patient... and being very patronising to both my Dad and me.  Every time Dad and I tried to attack this issue from a different angle, he found another way to stonewall us, with that stupid smile on his face and staring at me to make me back down.  But he still wouldn't refund my money on the iPod and wouldn't get my Apps back on to the iPod (which I know tech guys can do as my violent ex-boyfriend showed me time and again, that he could hack into a computer in our unit when I lived with him; and I was sitting at the computer next to him).  Then, this idiot had the audacity to say to us to 'have a nice day'... 

I was hoping to get somewhere on this issue.   However, it looks like I'm not.  I may yet have to go to the media and find out where I can go from here as it seems that since Steve Jobs passed away, the company of Apple hasn't been moving forwards - as most companies do when their CEO moves on or passes away - but going backwards instead; with its new products incurring more problems than possible to work with.  As a person who's totally frustrated with my Apple iPod, it looks like I have to purchase the apps I have been using lately and put them onto the list there; seeing I'm getting nowhere with confronting company itself - whether via phone, in person or on Facebook.  But if you do want to buy an Apple product, I'd think twice... as they don't tell you everything about it.  The guy at the Apple Store today told me that if I had bought it there at Carindale, I would have been 'walked through' my set up so I wouldn't have any problems... well, this is something nobody tells you when you first get one of these stupid things.  Another is that there's a very useless online manual which doesn't make any sense no matter how much you read it.  So, choose carefully when you're looking at your next product to use for music... if I was you, don't buy an Apple.

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