Sunday, November 4, 2012

Riley's Birthday Weekend

This weekend, we celebrated a belated birthday party for Riley.  She turned 13 last week and, seeing the day was spend with her Mum, we thought to throw her a birthday lunch from our side of the family.  Well, at Mum and Dad's place here in Logan City, we got together with Gabe, Kat and Jay (the family dog), Aunty Helen, Kate and me to have a great lunch.  There were balloons hanging from the dining room light, a 'Happy Birthday' streamer strung along the window and we had a great lunch of either make-your-own sandwiches or wraps.  After that, out came the lollies and chocolates, with my home made ice green tea to cool everyone down and clean their palates.  This drink went down a real treat!  And I was thankful I made two jugs of it as it's been a favourite treat of mine to make in Summer for a while now.  One of my Bookcrossing friends from the South in America sent me the recipe and I've loved making it as it's just lovely.  I'll put the recipe at the end of the post for you all to try out.  
Anyway, Riley's birthday cake was lovely and we all sat around feeling like we needed a nap not long after; even though Dad made some coffee for us all.  At at around 4pm, one by one, we all had to leave.  The day was cooling off, the sun was going down and Gabe and Kat had a long way to drive home with Riley and Jay.  But we had all had a great day with her; and she enjoyed herself.  
When I got home, I didn't want to eat anything - seeing how much I had scoffed down that afternoon.  So, I defrosted some raisin bread and browned it under the grill and ate that.  Then, watched a few episodes of 'That 70's Show' until around 10:30pm and shuffled off to bed.  Before that, Dad helped me get my hard drive out of my computer, put it into the hard drive caddy I had bought a few days ago from 'Game Dude' on the service road and then he pulled apart the rest of the computer - taking what he wanted from it - and now I have a shell of a computer that I can toss out.  Well, from around 7pm - 8:30pm, I worked on getting my music from the Purchased section on my iTunes Store.  Most of it came through, some of it got stuck there and wouldn't come through.  So, what did come through, I'm happy with.  

Today, I put the music I had on there that were cds and this only took about half an hour.  I had to update my iPod with the iTunes 6.0 and then put my music on it... and it would work okay.  I'm happy now, and I hope it keeps on working; but the 4 pages of Apps I had on it are still not there.  So, I'll have to go back to the Apple Store at Carindale and have them look at it and have them put them all back on for me now it's updated and mostly fixed.
This morning, I made pancakes, read some of the paper, gave my Little Miss Stevie a cuddle and some shell grit and then came up here after washing up, scrubbing the cutting board and letting it dry on top of the fridge and wiping down the counter and some of the cupboards.  The kitchen now looks a lot better and I feel better about it now everything is cleaner in it.   And now... for my recipe:

Ice Green Tea

In a heat-proof bowl, steep two teabags of green tea.  Decaf is good to do with this.  Otherwise, you can use it with other tea - black tea is okay to use as well.  But Green Tea just cleanses the mouth.
Wait for it to become nice and strong and add 2 tablespoons of raw or brown sugar.  This will give it a nice flavour.  White sugar is too refine and far too sweet.  And adding the sugar while the tea is hot will make sure it dissolves properly.  Take the teabags out and let the tea cool completely.
Once it's cooled, get a lime - without seeds - and cut into slices until you've cut up half the limeThen, cut those slices in half and add them tea once you've added the liquid to your jug.  Then with the other half, squeeze some of the juice in with the tea and stir it a little with a wooden spoon, refrigerate with plastic wrap over the top overnight and then serve in a nice tall glass.  

Well, there you have it!  The Green Ice Tea recipe.  I'm sure I've written it down before.  Just look unk under the label of 'recipes' and it should be there - if not, well, here it is.  Until my next post, take care, keep keep safe and warm and remember, I'm always here.     

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