Saturday, December 1, 2012

Aaarrgghh! Last Minute Christmas Shopping!

It's December 1st and a lot of things have gone on and the day's not ended yet.  First thing I noticed when I woke up was hot bloody hot it is!  There's only so many layers of clothes and sheets you can remove to keep cool - and sometimes, no matter how naked you get, it just doesn't seem enough to cool down.
Then, there was my shocking discovery this morning of my poor little bird - Little Miss Stevie - falling ill.  I removed her from her cage to stretch her wings for a fly around the room when dive-bombed instead!  When I found her on the floor, she was walking around in circles backwards with her head off to the left - as though she had gotten into the home brew (which I don't make).  So, I picked her up and put her on the table, but she still wobbled around and couldn't find her centre of balance.  Poor little thing.  She kept trying to fly, but I had to stop her before she hurt herself.  Anyway, I got onto Greencross Vets and they told me that she could have suffered a stroke late last night and there wasn't really anything I could do for her except keep her nice and comfortable and cool... damn.  Mum said that we don't know her bloodlines or breeding; and seeing I bought her from a pet store, it was something I took a chance in with her from the start.  But seeing my little bird has made it to 7 1/2, well, that's a great age for a store-bought budgie.  I'm just going to keep an good eye on her.  It's late afternoon now, and she's still wobbly but going okay.

I had to go to Garden City to do my last bit of Christmas shopping.  And what a trip... the bus was late, there were hundreds of people there and I found that if I practically danced around like ballerina, I didn't get hit by anyone driving a stroller; but I did look very stupid and unco-ordinated!  At least I didn't get tripped up or rammed into by people who thought the shopping mall was a road for their kid's strollers.  Not that I hate it, but they tend to forget there's people with two legs out there too.  

I was at Garden City for 3 hours and had bought my 4 items I needed.  I had run into a friend of mine from school and we chatted about Christmas.  He said it was better for me to have come in by bus as he was flat out finding a parking spot... but I told him that the buses were dead slow or late or too early.  He laughed about that before wishing my family a Merry Christmas and we parted ways.  Before long, I had had an ice coffee to cool down, found I had bought everything I needed - and yep, I double checked I did - and so I headed off home on the slowest bus in the history of my life.  

Tonight, I'm planning on putting up my Christmas Tree.  I was going to do it today, but it's jsut too darned hot!  So, I thought it would be best to do it when it's cooler... somewhat... and I'm not as rushed.  Well, I hope you all have a good weekend and until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm and remember, I'm always here.   

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