Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Christmas Preparations

I've had the most horrible weekend.  However, I still have to keep going with life; and without my little bird to see the New Year in with, I'm finding that hard.  I'm trying to make this time of year a little lighter by getting things done around the house that wouldn't normally get done.  But it's hard when I have to pass her cage all the time; even though it's covered over.

This morning, I was up after 7:30am and had the towels in the wash to hang out when I heard on the radio that we were going to have rain all day.  So, I hung them out on the clothes airer... only to have it not rain a bit.  I bet, if I hang it all out, it'll begin to rain!  Yep, it will.

Anyway, yesterday, I was out for a good part of the day and we were told it wasn't going to rain and it did from the moment the bus hit Garden City; and as soon as I arrived home, the clouds cleared up and the sun came out.  Silly weather.  
Well, while I was out, I took in Little Miss Stevie's ornament I got done by hand 2 years ago and asked the lady if she could add on the years she had been with me.  She was upset that I lost my little bird over the weekend - and so close to Christmas too - and said she'd do it for no charge; but I said I'd pay for it.  But when I went to pick it up, she insisted that it was no charge and for me to take it easy over this Christmas period.  Gotta say, that was one of the hardest things I had to do so far; but I'm glad I did, as the ornament will be there for me to remember her by.

Also today, I varnished the last of the clothes pegs I did up for Gabe and Kat for Christmas.  They all look fantastic!  I'm hoping they like them as a lot of them are Kat's favourite colour and I painted about 4 of them with guitars on them; and seeing they're going to be outside on the clothesline, I painted nature scenes on them too as well as my famous dot-painting on them.  Mum loves my dot-painting works... even though I can't sell any of the stuff.  Anyway, I've got all the pegs in a box downstairs airing out for the next week so they won't stink when they open them on Christmas Day; as the varnish I use is a little smelly but it does protect the paint from pealing.

Well, I have bought all my presents for Christmas for everyone in my family.  I didn't buy Little Miss Stevie a present as I thought the company we gave each other was just enough... and just as well, she ended up going; poor little thing.  But I won't get rid of the bird seed just yet asI think I'll be getting a bird sooner rather than later.  The silence around the house is horrible... and I think it's best if I do get a bird soon after NYE; about two months in.  I'm sure the seed won't go bad before then.  Well, until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm, and remember, I'm always here.       

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