Friday, December 21, 2012

The End of the World... Or Is it?

The media has had an absolute field day on this one, haven't they?  The Mayan Calendar ending... jeez what are they going to freak out with next?  First it was the Second Coming of Christ - which has been meant to happen for the last 40 years; and never does happen.  And if it has, it means there's been a lot of sinners on this here little blue planet who have been left behind to do ourselves some serious damage.  Then, there has been some people who have been from church groups saying they've seen the end of the world coming - they've shouted it from the mountain tops ... and when it didn't happen, well, they ran away and never were heard from again.
Now?  It's the Mayan Calendar.  I've known about its ending for around a decade and it hasn't scared me.  I own one in my wardrobe and have no idea how to read it - but I have been meaning to figure out how; as this kind of thing fascinates me to no end.  But the one thing that bugs the crap out of me is that people get an idea into their heads - a really bad idea, one of death and destruction - and they run with it.  They act crazy, weird and totally mental with it.  And when nothing happens, they blame it on the moon, their lack of understanding, lack of research, the media hype or anything else but their own stupidity of something as simple as a calendar ending.  
And this calendar has absolutely nothing to do with the Western World.  This calendar is a Mayan calendar which was made over 1,000 years ago when none of us were around to be panicked about it.  So, who knows why they finished it in this year?  The Mayans probably thought that by this time, the planet wouldn't be much to look at.  We wouldn't be where we are now in our technology or as complex as we are now.  You have to stop panicking and worrying about why this calendar is ending and start thinking about what they were thinking of back in the times they first made it.  This calendar has remained unchanged for thousands of years; unlike ours.
We are on our second calendar - yes, our second one.  We work through the Georgian Calendar and have done since 1582 when the months and days and dates in our year was figured out properly by Pope Gregory XIII.  It made our years and months - and our seasons - work out better and more evenly.  To read up a full history on our calendars, just go here and you'll find a full write up of where it all came from. 

Calendars begin and calendars end, people.  And just because an ancient one is ending in our lifetime, doesn't mean our world is going to end.  The Mayans were smart people - with advanced minds and ways of living for their times - however, with a calendar made up to only 2012, they thought the world would be ending this year because they thought the earth would only have the resources to keep it alive for that long.  And when you really do think about it, we are struggling to keep our planet on the level.  We are running out of natural resources.  Plants and animals are dying off and we are starting to hurt in ways we haven't before... so the world isn't ending.  A calendar is.  The Georgian Calendar is still going to be around for us for a long time to come... and if you've been living by the Mayan Calendar?  Well, I'm sorry to see your calendar vanish into the ether; and welcome to the modern age.... and?... how the heck did you read that thing?  

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