Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Blue Elephant In The Room

Okay... it's about time I talked about the blue elephant.  I meant the little fluffy on in the cage in my living room who I keep mentioning bits about but don't really talk about... yep, Little Miss Stevie.  

Early Saturday morning, my dear sweet little bird had a stroke.  I didn't know until I tossed her into the air to fly around the house to stretch her wings and get her blood pumping and to wake her up; and instead of doing that, she bomb-dived straight to the floor!  Oh, shit!  I raced to where she landed and found her turning around in the circles backwards!  Her right wing was limp and her head was turned to the right.  Honestly, she looked like she had gotten into the Home Brew; if only that was the case... but she hadn't. 
I picked her up and put her on the table and she really didn't look good as she tried to figure out herself what the hell went wrong just now.  I tried to get to fly again (how dumb was I?)  And she ended up behind the credenza... and it took an age to get her to walk a straight line onto my hand; as she couldn't see it.

My poor little bird was sick.  But it wasn't something I could cure or take her to the vet for. This was something I didn't have a clue about... and when I called the vets, the told me to bring her in.  But without transport or  the money to pay for any kind of treatment, I said no.  They told me it sounds like she suffered a stroke; but not to expect her to get any better.  This was very hard to realise.
So, I started working through Google.  There was a great site where it told me exactly what had happened to Little Miss Stevie and it said that if she had gone straight back to her food and was beginning to stand up straight again, it was a good sign.  Well, I watched her, and she was eating like a horse and wasn't stuck on the bottom of her cage!  She had begun climbing around her cage and figuring out where things were; and let me clip all her claws (something she used to despise). 

Now, Little Miss 'Bendy-Straw' Stevie - as I've been calling her lately - is back to her funny self; well as much as she possibly can be.  She bit me this morning after getting in a snotty mood with me.  Then, I took a few snaps of her taking a nap on her toy - with her forehead against it!  So cute!  Otherwise, she is always looking at me with her head on an angle.  Every time I've sprayed her lately, while she's been on top of her cage, she's danced and run around loving it whereas she never used to.  These are the only tiny differences I've noticed about her; as well as sleeping with her head right over to one side... but I think that's so she can keep her balance; as she can't really balance well.

I'll keep you all updated to how she's doing.  But my dear bird is going well so far.  I've been getting her to do birdy exercises - like steps from one finger to the next and climbing up the front of my shirt - to keep her strength up and her mind active.  I've also been massaging her all over to help her with her nerves too (as I've noticed that people who have had strokes have trouble with touch afterwards; this would have been the same with Little Miss Stevie).  I'll take good care of her; don't worry.  I'm sure she'll be okay and back to her close-to normal self in no time at all.  Until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm and remember, I'm always here.     

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  1. It's a good sign to hear she's on the road to recovery.