Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Big Tidy-Up List!

As I've mentioned below - and today - I am getting into The Big Tidy-Up.  I'm not giving myself a time limit on it, it's just going to happen and it's going to be brutal and I'm not going to hesitate about it either.  And I thought it best to write up a list of things I have to get done... and then I can get them done.  Sounds good? Yep?  Good.

1. Do out my entire wardrobe and give the clothes I don't want - or don't fit me anymore - to good will.

2. Tidy up the office on a permanent basis. No Green bags can be left behind... and once I have them out the door, they go to good will.

3.  Clean up the lounge room and keep it tidy.

4.  Make the bathroom a better place - with better storage solutions.

These don't sound like much, but they will make my house cleaner, tidier and easier to live in.  Besides, once I do out my wardrobes, I'll know exactly what's there and what I wear.  

I have done two things I mentioned in the below post that needed to be done.  I threw out my old computer case in the wheelie bin.  And I cleaned and scrubbed out Little Miss Stevie's cage.  The latter took a bit of doing; as I had to stop a few times because I started to cry.  It was one of the hardest things to do.
But now, seeing it all nice and clean and sitting on the credenza, I find it easier to look at.  And this makes it easier to work on my feelings on getting another bird in the New Year. Well, what are you hoping to work on in the next year?  Is it a tidier home - like me? - or a new garden?  A better budget?  Or is it something more personal?  Let us know (or if it's too personal, don't).  Until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm and remember, I'm always here.     

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