Sunday, December 23, 2012

Busy Weekend Again

I've been busily tidying up over this weekend and so I haven't had time to really post anything lately.  I've wanted to, but I can't.  
Anyway, yesterday, I was at the Logan Art Gallery working there for the last shift of the year; and it was the slowest day too.  Only 12 people came in all day; and three of those people came in to collect a prize in the afternoon.  Otherwise it was slow and boring.  I ended up writing a little on my iPod and talking to Ryse, the other volunteer I worked with.
But once home, I looked around and knew I had a lot of work to do before I left for the coast on Monday.  I turned on the television, fed the fishies and made myself dinner and thought it would be good to just watch something to do with Christmas; and I did.  When one show on tv either ended or bored me to tears, I switched channels and - sure enough - it had a Christmas theme to it.
By 9:30pm, 'The Polar Express' had finished and I had watched the hilarious film 'Evan Almighty' as I love it when Morgan Freeman plays God.  He's done that a few times now, and is just the best, isn't he?  I admire the man, I really do.  He's also a left-handed person too... another reason why I like him.  He's such a cool actor too.
Once both those things finished, I turned on the turntable and put on some swing and jazz, turned it up and began tidying up the lounge room.  I tossed out a lot rubbished, collected together the plastic bags and cleared up the kitchen table.  Then, I was finished within the half hour or so and then, it was time to lock up and head upstairs.  I had put away all the painting gear, put all the unpainted pegs in a zip-lock bag and the paint too and the brushes as well.  After I had all the rubbish in one bag, I locked up and went upstairs where I worked more for a little while on the computer and went to bed at around midnight.
This morning, I was up at around 7am, stripped the bed and grabbed the laundry by the bedroom door.  Once the sheets were put on, I headed out to The Big Apple, where I bought 2 mangoes, 6 kiwi, a handful of nectarines and peaches and two bunches of white seedless grapes.  On the way to fruit shop, I had bought 2 Sunday Mails and then I walked home.  And once back here, I put out the sheets, put on the towels and searched for a big bowl for the fruit salad I was planning for tomorrow night.  I ate breakfast, put out the towels, put on the next load of delicates and then got making the fruit salad.  It was finished in no time at all - and I had to make room in the fridge for it!  Yep, the bowl is that big!  The third load of laundry was put out and I put on the 4th load - a very small load - and I was back inside to tidy up from chopping up fruit, and making sure the place was ready for washing up.  The sink backed up and I used the plunger and hot water to get it unblocked.... yuk!... anyway, that's been my morning.
This afternoon, I've got packing to do, my bed to make up, computer things to collect together, books to figure out to read and money to pull together... then, I'll be okay and ready to go tomorrow.  The presents are all ready to go; as I packed them up 2 nights ago.  The fishies are taken care of with a feeder and I've got all the room in my travel bag for my vitemins too (hopefully).  Until my next post, take care keep safe and warm this Christmas and Holiday Season and remember, I'm always here.     

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