Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Big Tidy-Up Begins Again

It's been less than a week since my dear little bird passed away; and I've sat around doing nothing.  Yesterday, I was tired and felt sick in the guts; but I think it's because of the grief I've been feeling that it's taking its time to go away.  

So, what I'm going to do is get back into the Big Tidy-Up again; well, okay, I'll start on it just before Christmas.  My townhouse isn't all that big, but I have to use the small amount of space that I have to the best of its advantage.  And there's plenty of things around my place that can just go straight into the wheelie bin because they're rubbish.  For example:  my old computer which kicked the gigabyte bucket earlier this year... yep the shell of it is still sitting next to the doors of my wardrobe.  Dad and I stripped it clean from the inside out; and I still haven't tossed it!  How lazy is that?
I have to put away laundry from two weeks ago... it's still sitting in my bedroom in the basket.  I will get to it as I need to put it away and start sorting out what to take to the coast after Christmas and what to wear to Christmas night and the day itself.  So, that's a must-do - and soon!  
Another must-do is to clean up Little Miss Stevie's cage.  I have to get a bucket of hot water and vinegar, some steel wool and green scrubbers and get my butt into the car port and scrub all the bars and floors of the cage... then wash it off with the hose and let it dry for the next bird.  I don't look forward to doing this job as it's been my little bird's home for such a long time, and I find it hard to look at the cage when there's no bird in it.  But it has to be done before a new little fluffy friend is introduced to the house.

The one thing I have finished is my Christmas shopping this year; and my major grocery shopping.  So, if I need to go shopping again, it'll only be for small stuff and I will only need my blue trolley and esky and catch a bus to and from the big shopping centres instead of having to walk to and from the places... and this is good because I don't like to have to go on big shopping ventures during this time of year.
Otherwise, I'm trying to keep my house as tidy as I can make it.  It's been a little difficult with the weather being so unpredictable and our nights being a touch cooler than last week.  But I'm hoping to be ready for next year well before Christmas Day... and that's 2 weeks away.  So, what have you got to do to make your Christmas perfect - or as close to it as you can?  Is is a Big Tidy-Up (like mine?) or are you uber-organised better than us all?  Until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm and remember, I'm always here.       

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