Thursday, December 20, 2012

Busy Week Continues

Tomorrow is just another day for me to run around my house and get more things done.  However, that doesn't mean I haven't gotten things done around here already.

Due to the heat of the days this week, I've found it hard to get in and do my usual house-cleaning before I go on holidays.  Last year it was a lot easier to keep the house tidy because by this time of the year, it was feeling a lot more like Winter than Summer.  However, this time around, it's feeling hotter; therefore I'm not feeling much like tidying up.  But I am getting into it as I ready myself to go to bed, or while I'm getting ready to go out.  So, little by little things are getting done.
Tonight, for example, I got in and did the laundry before dinner.  It wasn't going to be hung up outside as it's going to rain during the night and tomorrow, so I got out the clothes airer and put all three loads on that.  By tomorrow afternoon, it will all be dry as I put the fan on it tonight.  I also started on the washing up and cleaning out the fridge of all the stale food.  I also phoned around to some bus companies to see which ones could bring me home.  When I phoned them up, I was told none of them stopped at the Springwood Bus Station and went straight to Roma Street Station... and I got the numbers from Translink.  This is one reason why I don't like traveling to the coast, I can't get home if nobody wants to drive me home; so frustrating.

There's just some general house work to get done tomorrow and I'll be okay.  All my Christmas shopping is done and I'm looking forward to the big day where we can kick back and do almost nothing.  I have been looking at getting as much done around here as possible so when I arrive home, from the coast I don't have to do anything but unpack and have something to eat.  That'll be a good change too.  And the best thing of all will be that I'll be coming into another pay week by the time I get home.

I'm hoping to have a lot of my housework done by tomorrow afternoon - or evening - and then I'll be able to take the weekend off; as I'm working at the gallery on Saturday afternoon.  After that, the place is closed until after the New Year.  By Sunday, I'll have a house that will be a lot tidier than it was last week.  Wish me luck in making sure everything is put away and clean and tidy.  Until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm and remember, I'm always here.   

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