Sunday, December 9, 2012

A Weekend of Sadness

The last 24 hours have been the quietest I've ever experienced.  Normally, today, I would regal you all with what happened over my weekend and what I'm going to do this week.

Not tonight.

Tonight I'm in mourning with the loss of my little bird, Little Miss Stevie.  This little Sky Blue Budgie has been in my life for the last 7 3/4 years and yesterday afternoon, at around 6:30pm, she died in my hands as we sat outside watching the sun disappear in the west.
Her last 10 minutes on this planet were not the easiest as she struggled to breath, panting heavily, and I tried to make her as comfortable as possible in my hands.  I hated seeing her suffer as she did, but I'm sure she was happiest being outside where she had always wanted to join the other birdies where she could hear them singing and screeching around us.
As she lay still in my hand, my heart broke - shattered - because my little blue friend was gone and I didn't have anyone to help me with her.  I called Mum and Dad and they immediately drove up from Brunswick Heads to see me; staying overnight at their house.  

But the one thing I have noticed is that the house is so bloody quiet without her here.  I hated it that this morning I came downstairs and she wasn't t here to greet me, turning around to look at me come and talk to her, to say 'Good morning' in Spanish to her and change her feed and water over after I opened the curtains for her and then the window to let in the breeze to freshen the room for her.  No.  Last night, I had put a cover over her cage to show there was no more bird in residence.  But I've yet to clean it out.  The food is still there from yesterday; so is the water.

I won't lie.  I'm struggling not having her around as company.  I've had her in this house for so long, it's hard to not know me without my little bird by my side; or hear her in the background when you've phoned me as she's tried to include herself in the conversation (believe me, it's funnier still when I use phone banking and she manages to confuse me enough that I have to either go outside or upstairs to do check my bank balance).  

I miss my little bird greatly; and will definitely get another one.  So, if I don't seem like my usual happy self for a little while, this is the reason why.  Until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm and remember, I'm always here.      

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  1. Is so sorry to hear about your loss. RIP Little Miss Stevie! Your mummy will always love you in her heart