Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Last Grocery Shopping Day

Today was my last grocery shop for the year.  I stop doing grocery shopping about two weeks before Christmas as I absolutely despise the crowds, the teenagers and the fact that it takes me so long to get home.  It all drives me totally nuts!  So, I went out today, did all my shopping, picked up something for the K-Mart Wishing Tree (and dropped that off while I was there) and then, came home, and haven't been happier.  The house is now full of food, and all I need to do is tidy the place; readying it for the proverbial Silly Season.

However, my last week and half have been so very busy.  All I seemed to have been doing is going out, working on the computer, cleaning, washing, caring for Little Miss Stevie or working on a Christmas Present.  And if I'm not working on that present, I'm working on the 'My Reading List' Summer Fun Event (which I love organising and putting together).  To put us all over the edge here, the days haven't really been all that great - heatwise.   Yesterday was extremely hot and all I did was sit around and drink ice green tea and spray my little bird with cool water all day; as I had no energy, all the while I watched 'That 70's Show' on dvd.  And the best thing they did was have a Christmas episode where there was snow ... how nice it was to see the cold.

Today, I did get a lot done though.  A phone bill was paid, I posted off my Secret Santa parcel to Western Australia and 3 cds to other Bookcrossers here and overseas.  Then, I headed off to the bus stop where a young girl with florescent pink hair let 2 kids under 10 get on a bus unsupervised.  But as the bus arrived, the youngest of the two - a little girl aged around 5 - stood right on the curb and stuck her arm right out onto the road and waited for the bus to come right up to her.  The driver had to slow right down and pull up in front of her.  The moment the doors opened, the driver yelled at the little girl, telling her off about how she could have been hit by the edge of the bus and that she should have stepped back; then the driver turned on her brother and the pink-haired girl telling them to - next time - pull her away from the curb and be responsible for the little girl.  I couldn't believe how irresponsible it was of the girl with the pink hair to just dump these two little kids on a bus and have nobody meet them at the other end.  
Anyway, I was off to the pet store to pick up some Finch Seed for Little Miss StevieWhile there, I talked to the birds there and chatted to the owners and gave them a Christmas card; and they gave me one back.  Such lovely people.  Then, I walked to Life Line - intent on not buying anything.  However, I did.  I bought a very cool bag and two old beer glasses from the '80's... the type Dad used to use when I was a kid.  
I got my shopping done by around 11:30am and caught a cab home.  The groceries were put away.  I'm happy to say that once tomorrow and Friday is dealt with, I'll probably be the happiest.  I have a doctor's appointment to make at the Mater Hospital and then a hair dresser's appointment and I'll have next week all tied up and done.  After that, well, I'll have more time to relax, read and do what I want to do:  get in and paint and garden. Until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm and remember, I'm always here.    

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