Friday, February 19, 2010

10 Years As A Volunteer!

About an hour or so ago from the Logan Art Gallery. They held a morning tea for the volunteers who had been there for ten years or more. We have this morning tea every year because more often than not, there's a few who have reached that time and there's always one who wishes to leave and do their own thing out in the world, take off and travel or they feel they've spread themselves too thin.

Today, I received my tag for 10 years service as a volunteer at the Art Gallery and Mum and Dad came along for the two hours it took for it all to happen. There was a photographer and some Logan City Council members showed up too. We all had a great time. Fortunately, it all went according to plan and there weren't too many people coming in and out from the public. Dad walked around the place with Mum, who showed him around the place (I thankfully have shown her the exhibition and so she know what to tell him about some of it). And when he caught up with me, I introduced him to a few of my friends and other people. I asked how he liked the place and the art and he said it was nice to slow down for the next hour or so in such a nice place.

Well, There were a few people who received their 10 year badge and 15 year badge and Doug Cartwright also said farewell to us. But he promised to come back when he could to see us all when he could find time. He's been busy working at the GoMA and the gallery at the University of Queensland too. So, he's had a lot of work on his plate; and thought it was a good idea to leave so he could keep going onto bigger things. But he said he and I would definitely e-mail each other. I promised to visit (which I will, Doug, honestly, before Winter comes!).

Then, there was cake that was made of coconut with whipped cream and some passion fruit ... and talk about yummo! Before long, Mum and Dad had to take off and that meant I had to go too. They were off to a wedding this weekend; and had to go before the traffic got too bad. I was pleased I went and I had a great time!

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